All the way from Milan – AIM

Bringing their sophisticated and distorted sounds to the local scene are AIM, a Milanese band that will be performing at a number of venus this weekend.  It was back in 2003 that Marco Fiorello and the brothers Luca, Marco and Matteo Camisasca give birth to Aim. All with diverse band backgrounds, the four immediately set to work and before too long, the debut album Limit of Sight was released – critics described the nine strong and intense tracks as reminiscent of bands like At The Drive In, Brand New, Thursday and Funeral For A Friend. The group spent the rest of the year touring Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria in what was to become an incredibly intense gigging schedule.

Through 2004, the band counted at least 100 gigs: it was time for another single to be released: As In Memory hit it big as soon as it was launched, securing the band a performance at one of the most prestigious festivals in Germany, The Freakstock. But great changes lay ahead. Luca, up till then the main vocalist, left the band. He was immediately replaced by Marco Fiorello – twins Matteo  (drum) and Marco (bass and voice) completed the trio. Rehearsals suddenly took on a more frantic note and in under two years the new album was finalised.

From then on it’s been a steady stream of releases. Spirits of Your Tide was released as a single in 2005; a same-titled album was later issued in 2008. The launch of the album was followed by a whole year of touring until 2011 saw the release of yet another album, We Are Sailing. Marco Fiore answers some questions…

 How do you describe your music?

A kinda of “brianza, foggy, psychedelic rock”.

 Which bands/musicians influence you?

I am very much into Copeland, Sunny Day Real Estate, Elliott and The Appleseed Cast. However, I find my biggest influence in books and in real life.

 What was the first CD/cassette tape you ever bought?

It was a cassette tape; Nimrod by Green Day. I bought and shared it with a friend of mine cause we didn’t have enough money to buy one each.

 Your top three albums ever?

Song in the air by Elliott; How to Start a Fire by Further Seems Forever; Don’t Back Down by The Queers.

Do you sing in the shower?

Sometimes… sometimes I sing Il Barbiere Di Seviglia.

 A song you hate and why?

Every song by Nickelback.

 Butterflies before performing?


A singer you’d like to duet with?

Nina Persson of The Cardigans.

Your go-to music when you’re happy?

Stuff from Saves The Day, Hey Mercedes or Jimmy Eat World.

And sad?

Thrice, Thursday, Brand New.

 Which particular band would you like to see live?

The Screeching Weasel, because I love them.

What inspires you?

Reading, living, working, shouting, playing, drinking, smoking, loving.

What do we find on your MP3 player?

Too much music.

A life without music would be?

Maybe easier, maybe harder.

 What do your family think about your music?

My wife loves what I do while my little son likes jumping on my guitars.

Did you ever get the “music is not a real career” talk when younger?

Every freaking day.

 Which of your own compositions is your favourite and why?

Solaris from our new album We Are Sailing because it faithfully describes a particular and very delicate period of my life.

This interview appeared on The Times TV Guide (Times of Malta).

AIM will be performing in Malta on the following dates:

Thursday April 26 – Acoustic gig at Coach & Horses, B’Kara.Tickets available at E3.

Friday, April 27 – Live gig at Zion Reggae Bar in M’skala, including local acts Msleads, Bark bark Disco, For Strings Inn, Bletchley Park and nosnow noalps

Saturday April 28- Live gig at V-Gen in Paceville, including local acts Stolen, Creep, Three Stops To China and Errormantics. Tickets available at E5.

A limited amount of E10 block tickets for all three gigs are available. For more information e-mail