Clandestines & Hey Sus! EP launch

Hey Sus! & Clandestines are launching their split EP, Summer Camp for Pale Young Boys, this evening!

Check out the interview – and get a taster of Clandestines’s music – on The Times of Malta online here.

In the meantime, given it’s not everyday that a bunch of teens and tweens decide to launch an EP on a cassette tape (yep. that’s right), I asked the guys to pretend that this was still the ’80s…


So… If a cassette tape gets jammed best thing to do is?

Daniel: You’re just gonna have to buy another one of those damn cassettes from us I guess!

Mike: Or buy an iPod.


The max amount of times you can re-use a cassette tape is?

Daniel: Not Enough.

Mike: About 7-9 times.


To those who will record over your EP you say?

Mike: Hah! That’s even stupider than releasing an EP on cassette tape.


The ’80s were…?

Andrew: The times mine and Mike’s parents got down and dirty to birth us in the 90’s (ed’s note – yeeeesh)

Mike: Glittery.

Neil: A good time to be George Michael.

For event info, click here.




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