Ryanair is not the devil incarnate

I followed the recent media spat between a Ryanair official and a customer with much amusement. Well, actually it’s not the spat itself that caused the amusement – since I wasn’t present for the altercation I can’t very well pass judgement, whether in jest or otherwise. I can, however, pass judgement on readers’ comments while thanking said readers for keeping me entertained for the best part of thirty minutes.

The majority of comments, you understand, were totally unrelated to the case at hand and focused instead on that supremely important of questions: what the hell is our government thinking, making cheap flights available to us all and subjecting us to the shifty business practices of Ryanair, aka the devil incarnate? The consensus on the comments board was strong: charging us €50 for a flight and then rubbing salt in the wound by adding more fees for extra luggage, priority passes and coffee? Daylight robbery.

This post has really been a long-time coming. Guess what, all you whiners out there. If you hate the thought of getting away from the island at one-third (or less) of the price of normal-cost airlines, then you are more than welcome to flupper off, spend away and shut the hell up. Me, I’m a stingy so’n’so who would rather spend the extra cash on, say an extra theatre show or three. Read more here.



  1. Maronia Fenech says:

    “I’ve also yet to see the smile (or the coffee, or the sandwich) that is worth the extra €200 that a standard airline will tuck onto the flight fare”. I guess you mean to say half a sandwich. I completely agree with you, since people seem to expect the comfort of a hotel lounge, rather than thinking of the aircraft as a means of getting you from country A to country B.

  2. tita buds says:

    I don’t think it is merely a coincidence that here in my country, domestic tourism (as well as travel to nearby Asian countries) has been enjoying a major boost since a couple of low-budget airlines started operating. They fill a huge need in the market and I am grateful they’re as low-cost as they can get and just bring my own bottled water on a short flight.
    Yes, there are all the usual complaints but you get what you CHOOSE to pay for, right? :)

    • D Bonanno says:

      I got no smile and no signs of customer care from my flight from Brussels on a KM flight on Sunday 13th May from one of the crew. We just arrived from an other destination with 80 on board for 90 minutes and served by a single person with maximum courtesy….and then all the public money spent or more likely wasted ( and don’t you dare say invested) to try and build a corporate image ( which of course is deceiving ) but keeping some key stakeholders happy!