Hunters, quit your whining

Apparently it’s fine for common mortals to queue at the post office to pick up votes and to waste hours at sundry government departments to carry out necessities. It is not fine, however, for the privileged caste in Malta – ie the hunters – to use their precious time in order to pick up their permit/yellow armband.

Why waste time on legal requirements when you can be using up your day so much more productively? Such as by hunting turtle doves and quail into possible extinction, for instance.

My heart bled upon reading an interview with the man who is being touted as “the moderate face of hunting”, Mr Mark Mifsud Bonnici. Mr Mifsud Bonnici, I’ll have you all know, is currently being subjected to “unnecessary torture”, the likes of which would probably galvanise an organisation such as Amnesty International into fast action, if only it were to learn about these flagrant acts of cruelty that we’re witnessing in Malta. Read more here.