Just when you thought cyberspace fetishes couldn’t get any creepier

Straight from the WTF and can you get any creepier series, I bring you the teenage living doll who is currently attracting all the weirdos on the ‘net.

My immediate reactions upon reading about this one:

What the hell are her parents thinking?

What the hell are her parents thinking?

What the hell are her parents thinking?

Would like to know what’s your take on this…

Is it as creepy and twisted as I’m seeing it?

Does anyone else find that display of innocence revolting? I almost added the descriptor “pseudo” before innocence, but caught myself as soon as I remembered how old this internet star is.

Should her parents be given a good talking to?

Is it okay for a 15-year-old to put up highly sexualised make-up tutorials on Youtube? And don’t try to give me the “it’s just a make-up tutorial” talk. It so is not. Also – Venus Angelic? Might as well put a bullseye with the words “pederasts sign up here”.

Or is this just a symptom of the times and I’m  blowing it all out of proportion?

Someone pointed out to me that all this outrage is a tad rich given that I find the thought of a  same age Francis Gall singing Anni aime Les Sucettes, while everyone else high-fived Serge Gainsbourg highly hilarious (and hells, yeah I have a thing for Gainsbourg).  Somehow, though, I find this 15-year-old pandering to an audience of fetishists much more repulsive.




  1. Melisande Aquilina says:

    Is it that girl with the enomous boobs? Forgot the name.

  2. Carla says:

    Remember this is a PERSON. And she has read this and posted about it on her Facebook page. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  3. Jessica says:

    You are right! I would have thought girls her age would be more into twitter and shopping >< I was also shocked and appalled to see her representing a doll! I have three daughters myself and would never allow them to do that. I am glad we can at least acknowledge how wrong this is! What is the world coming to!

    Maggie 22

    • Andresa says:

      If someday one of your daughters get pregnant by some twitter guy or someone she meet at shopping you for sure will prefer her dressing like a doll.

      This is so innocent, I can not see anything wrong with that.

      • mario says:

        I have news for you Andresa! It’s exactly by putting yourself out on Youtube aged 15 dressed as a doll that you attract the weird Twitter guys. And the weird Facebook guys. and the weird Myspace guys. And the weird Youtube guys. Which you can then meet up with at the mall. That is how innocent it is.

        • Andresa says:

          Those kind of people are attracted for anything, because they have nothing to do. What you do not know is that this girl’s fans are almost other girls and even older woman like me. I’m 24 years old, have a bachelors in Computer Science and actually I run my own business, with a total independent life. Plus, I can speak 4 languages. I wonder how weird is for you to be young, successful and like to see a girl having fun by dressing herself as a doll.

          It’s better to do that on Youtube than having sex with boys from school without anybody knowing about it, don’t you think?

          What I do not understand is why is everyone talking about this girl like if it was a crime. I can’t see anything wrong with what she is doing. Actually, I can’t see WHY this is so important while girls like her are getting raped and dying of hunger in so many places in the world and just dreaming about someday being a princess like Venus.

          I know many girls that got pregnant or even murdered by boyfriends with much less age than 15 years. And yes, I still preferring Venus dressing like a doll than she dressing her own human doll, if you understand what I mean.

  4. Hikikomorisama says:

    People who only find this sexual are usually the ones who are the pedophiles and perverts. Im sorry, but there is nothing wrong with a girl who just wants to dress up in cute clothing and looking like her dolls.
    She is not dressing up as one of those 15 year skanks with short shorts that say on the ass “LOOK AT MY ASS” while wearing a skimpy tank top.

    This girl is fully clothed with make up just like normal dolls are.

    • rebeccainthewoods says:

      Hahahaha this is the prize comment. Yes, of course, this blogger and the hundreds other journalists and psychologists and counsellors around the world who pointed out how wrong this is are “the pedophiles and perverts”. Priceless my dear. Here’s a tenner, go buy some brain cells won’t you.

  5. Melania Kholer says:

    I’ve seen this girl and I have two teenage girls that love her tutorials, as a mother I really don’t see what she’s doing so wrong! Maybe you are blowing it out of proportion! I mean, I’m not sure what country you’re in but here the girls are far more ridiculously sexy and provocative. No innocence whatsoever! So I try for my girls to stay away from watching fads, such as miley Cyrus, Lindsey lohan, Britney spears, rhianna, etc…. I’ve watched Venus Angelic before and frankly, compared to the rest she is an innocent 15 yr old girl who seems to be very smart knowing all those languages! My take is, do a better research before you blast people on here. :) good day.

  6. Rachel says:

    Considering your only comment is from a person who refers to a girl only by her breast size I’ll make the assumption that at least one of those “weirdos abound” are one of your readers. If you had any knowledge on Tokyo pop culture you’d know that the look is actually popular. Yeah, creeps will be drawn to it as well, but lots of normal people are too, and as far as the creeps go, there’s a sexual market for everything, EVERYTHING so give the kid a break. Are you going to stop wearing sandals because theres creeps out there that would love to suck your toes? No. Her tutorials aren’t sexual. Its makeup. I’m a 24 year old female and I enjoy her videos. She’s different sure, but not different enough to write this and trash talk a 15 year old. Let her do her thing.

  7. Jaden Brown says:

    I think your blowing it out of the water. She is a sweet inoccent girl who loves make-up.

  8. aryan says:

    So what do you think 15yo girl should dress? I know 15yo girl who smoked, doing drugs, have a baby and DO of highschool. Is that what you think as normal for a 15yo girl?

  9. Donovan C says:

    I suddenly got a host of emails from the subscription to these comments and went wtf. Sure enough I checked & yr blog must have been picked up by this poor girl’s fans. Continue entertaining us with your warped logic and twisted fantasies dearies, it is funny how people are happy to convince themselves that a 15 yr old parading herself on youtube is okay.

  10. Deeja Abdi says:

    I’m someone who follows and enjoys Lolita, and you’ve obviously no idea what it’s about at all. The ‘living doll’ style is actually inspired by trends in the rococo and victorian periods, real times and ideas which actually happened not some fantasy land of toys you’ve managed to fetishize it as. Also the idea of wearing doll clothes is to be ladylike at all times not rude or vulgar and to look respectable, no low cuts and no short skirts. It must around the knee or it’s not pure lolita. Don’t you think weirdo’s and pedophiles are much more likely to be attracted to those flashing a bit more flesh than the ones covering up, I mean of course there’s some but perverts exist who like to sit naked in garbage. Should we stop using bins? What about those who like to sniff toilets, public toilets must be abolished now! There was all that outrage when that canadian police officer said the rape victim was dressed like a ‘slut’ so of course she’d get raped and now you’re saying young girls choices of clothing are a reason for them to be targeted by sexual deviants. How do you think that made every lolita that read this feel. We were publically ostracized by the British community in Venus’ daybreak interview when Helen said she’d be ‘horrified’ if her daughter turned to the fashion, way to kick a man when he’s down.

  11. Christianne says:

    This is the only video I’ve watched of this girl and find nothing alarming about it. The Lolita trend has been popular for a few years, at least in Japan, and it seems to be catching on elsewhere. I don’t think she’s any different from other teenagers who try to be fashionable and who enjoy dressing up. Sure there are people out there with fetishes but that is surely not to be blamed on pretty young girls since fetishes will abound even if you cover them up from head to toe. This one, at least, does not have the camera at angle showing her cleavage or bare legs and is not trying to come across as older than she actually is. However, I agree that teenagers should be better monitored when it comes to sharing their image publicly since they are very often too naive to realise what repercussions there might be.

  12. Christianne says:

    And besides… teenagers should also be aware that all those layers of make up will make their face as rough as sand paper in a few years’ time.

  13. Alexandra says:

    Can’t see anything wrong Ram. Except that thats a hell of a lot of make up. haha. But seriously Ram, didn’t we all want to look pretty at that age when we were developing, noticing boys and generally looking like shit? This girl is not encouraging kids to dress up and act like Brigitte Bardot or someone of the sort and she’s not dressed like a porn star. Granted, lolita dolls are associated with porn, but than so are school girls. So what, should we ban Sailor Moon too then?

  14. mark says:

    The point here is not what is the Lolita look and how popular it is. The point is this girl’s AGE. All of you go on about this fashion and yes for many its a question of fashion but just caus its fashion does not make it good for a 15 yr girl to do it on youtube. If it was my daughter I would not be happy.

  15. Matthew says:

    Nothing sexual about this huh??? That is why this 15 years old teenager calls herself Venus Angelic hahahaha. The name on her birth certificate I am sure…

  16. rebeccainthewoods says:

    Are all these people commenting really naive enuff that they see nothing off in a video of a 15 year old pretending to be a living doll? Or are they just blinded fans? How many of them are adults commenting on an underaged kid’s makeup video? Gross. Go read a book Venus.

  17. toyadee says:

    Who really cares what this Venus girl does, she not ur kid, u ppl need to worry bout raising ur own children …stop hating ur the ones who are making her famous,

  18. Christina says:

    OK folks…. women let me ask you soemthing….. When we were little girls did we not like to go into our mother’s closet and play dress up with her clothes , jewlery and make up? I know I did… So how is what Venus is doing any diffrent from that, simply because she put it on a you tube video? It’s a hobby and we all have them. I know that there are a whole lot worse things that she could be doing besides making her self look like a doll. And here’s the thing .. I have watched several of her online tutorials and the one’s that I have watched so far have not been of a “Sexual” nature. most of the clothes I have seen her in have been relatively modest with the exception of a few. I am in no way condoning revealing clothing as I am a christian woman and belive whole heartedly that a young lady should be dressed modestly. so I am not at all for the short shorts and the low cut tanks, But as far as some of the dresses and thigns she wears I see nothing at all wrong with that. it is a hobby it is what she is interested in,. And if her geting other girls interested in this type of hobby keeps them from getting themselves in trouble I see very little harm in it.
    She has an interest in something. that does not make her weird. it makes her unique it makes her herself!

  19. Scones says:

    Leave the girl alone! At least she’s doing what she enjoys. I think it’s adorable. Are you doing something better with YOUR life besides judging others for what they do?

  20. This is an spectacular illustration of the “sexification” of our children. I will not go into moral or ethical arguments, but when sex and its function are separated all that is left s the “fun” bit.

    There’s no telling me what I can do for my enjoyment as long as it’s legal.

    From a purely utilitarian point of view, then, this girl is not doing anything she shouldn’t be doing. She’s not breaking any law, nor is she inciting any form of illegal sex.

    Using my personal convictions and beliefs as guides, I would classify her actions and the actions of whoever is legally responsible for the girl as despiccable. But as I said, I won’t go into morals here.

  21. gay says:

    this whole thread is implying men get off by jacking off to dolls. really? who looks at granny’s doll and goes oh yeah baby dis is mai perfekt woman. although venus is definitely pedobait and trying to BE pedobait (not a doll), cuz there is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a doll. google “gothic lolita,” it’s what venus angelic WISHES she could be, but instead settles for cheap easy pedobait clothes from bodyline. sad


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