Road works 1, common sense 0

I am writing this after a seventy-five minute commute to the office this morning ruined all my Zen.

Spending over fifty minutes stuck in one spot on the B’Kara By-Pass – which, may I remind you, is roughly five kilometres long (I’m very bad at calculating distance, so it might be even less) – does very nasty things to one’s Zen.

I take attacks on my Zen very seriously. Particularly when it transpires that this attack was the result of some bureaucratic nincompoop’s failure to see any further than the tip of his nose. How else can you describe the decision to close off a ring-road that lies on one of the main, rush hour arteries?

By the time I arrived to the office and read on this website that the whole jam was caused “because of the closure of the hospital ring road for maintenance works – about which the staff were given notice”, I had run out of expletives. There was only one other option left to repair my Zen, so I took it. I made myself coffee and sat down to have a good rant, errr to offer some friendly advice to the powers that be.

First off make sure that whoever is vested with the all-important power of deciding which roads to close to traffic and when, is in possession of an IQ that at least matches that of a sleepy iguana. Once this small matter is cleared, it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow this idiot’s guide to zen-like road works. Read more here.