Is-Suq tal-Belt: museum or mausoleum?

Part of Chris Briffa's proposals involves a stepped piazza

The old suq in Valletta cuts a pretty depressing figure as things stand. I have the faintest memory of when it was buzzing with life, when it was considered not only as a valuable source of food and produce for city people and beyond but also as a hub where to catch up with the gossip, as it were. Times changed, things happened and – for a variety of reasons – the market’s primary function has somewhat diminished.

I’ve seen this old building take life twice over the past years, thanks to the Patches Arts and Crafts market which created a lovely and warm vibe. Another time, something (rather disappointingly) got in the way of a planned live music gig and it failed to materialize.

I’ve always wondered why no-one has yet come up with a proposal to help this building reach its full potential. Now, someone has. When the invitation to attend a presentation by architect Chris Briffa landed in my mail I was immediately intrigued. Read more here.



  1. Paul Falzon says:

    The reason its in such a pityful state is that the goverment wants to kick everyone who has a place there out ASAP. So it will never be maintained till they’re out.

    The shops there are constantly attacked by health and safety visitors and police always patrolling to make sure a shop owner parks bad even for a couple of minutes to load his work.

    They want them all out to create an crafts/trade market…… what about those butchers? Isn’t that a trade for example?