Teen parties: red tape over common sense

Party organiser Joel Caruana looking worried about the lack of appropriate entertainment for 13-year-olds.

UPDATED March 28: Teen party organiser charged.

A government appointed working group will be finalising its recommendations about teen party regulations “shortly”, we were informed last Monday.

In the meantime, self-styled children’s party organiser (because yes, twelve and thirteen year olds are still children in my book) Joel Caruana has gone on record saying that he wishes the debate for stronger regulations on teen parties would take place swiftly.

Nothing remarkable about this in itself. Even I happen to believe that there is no need to take months to decide the obvious. The issue, for those who need their memories jogged, was first brought to light by The Times in a report that showed thirteen-year-olds dressed in a way that would make the Striscia veline blush. A temporary ban was imposed on these parties until more definite action could be taken.

Now, five months later, we are assured that proposals will be tabled soon. As soon as this happens, government will “start evaluating” these proposals. Eventually – probably in about six months’ time, judging by the way things have proceeded so far – some sort of action might be taken.

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