That Monday post


Mondays (with the exception of today) are incredibly tough on the spirit. It’s not just the dreaded sound of the alarm going off at the ungodly hour of erm, seven o’clock (which translates to the deep of the night in my book), though yes, it is that too.

But in reality it’s more the fact that you know you’re in for another week of toil and that for the upcoming three evenings, at least, there is nothing fun happening on the horizon come the evening. This is true even if you actually enjoy your job, which I do most of the time. It’s mostly the knowledge of the upcoming routine coupled with the fact that you really need to recharge your batteries before putting yourself back on the events circuit.

In my case, the latter happens sometime around Thursday, with the promise of a new weekend and a fresh burst of adrenalin. But between Monday and Wednesday don’t bother trying to lure me into any evening activity. Chances are I can’t be bothered to dress up and move my butt and I’m perfectly happy to sit at home, be bored and whine.

Until a week ago, which is when the epiphany happened.  Picture this: the opportunity to be entertained – for free, may I add – while you’re sitting comfortably in your jammies in your own living room. Assorted munchies and drinks in hand. Listening to a free concert from three of the most promising local acts. Ah, the wonders of Internet.

I’d never experienced a live, streamed concert. I’m a big fan of the NPR concert podcasts but I never get these live, so in a way it’s a bit like listening to a pre-recorded CD despite the host/musician interaction. The Yews/Megafun/Bark Bark Disco experience – and I do hope you saw the interview I carried out with Yews last week – was different from your run-of-the-mill CD session. The knowledge that it’s happening in the here and now, with all the potential mishaps, gaffes and fun interaction that a live session brings with it, gives the whole thing an edge. You’re not sure what’s coming next and – more importantly- whether it was planned.

Also, neither Yews nor Megafun have released a CD yet. Neither have Bark Bark Disco, although you do find a plethora of their material online. The point is that it’s something of a privilege to be able to enjoy their music at all. The second point is that the days of “can’t do” are happily over in Malta, it would appear. Organizing regular gigs at a physical venue can be a tad unfeasible for most Maltese bands, particularly if they are just starting out and also if the members are particularly young. But for these three outfits at least, their sense of innovation won over the perceived stumbling block. And a living-room concert was born. This sense of enterprise should always be acknowledged, praised and encouraged.

Oh and by the way…  Megafun? Sixteen-year-olds who are already fully aware of how to best channel their talent (check out interview with Daniel Abdilla, who is also frontman for Clandestines, here). Now that is cause for admiration. Talented teens, you will find aplenty. Yes, really. But talented teens who possess the self-awareness to make something out of that potential… Well, that quality is infinitely rarer.

Conclusion? Thumbs up to the whole idea. A tad of huffing and puffing due to the occasional bout of streaming lag but ah well, life can’t be perfect. On the plus side there was the online camaraderie, with everyone putting in their (cheeky) two cents’ worth via chat. I swear the one-liners and the quips were almost as much fun as the concert itself. Kudos to all.

This post was published on The TV Guide (Times of Malta). Featured photo nicked from the Bark Bark Disco website.




  1. Tim says:

    Point of correction: Bark Bark Disco have a CD 😛

  2. KatZ says:

    Hi Ramona!
    I thought you of all people would have discovered live streamed concerts years ago ;).
    By the way, great design on the blog, but inhumanly difficult to find where the posts start and end and where yo can comment. Or it’s just me getting old and not coming along with the internet stuff… :(

    • James says:

      Heh for me it’s the first time to hear about a live streaming concert as well (and I’m both a musician and a technologist) – maybe I was mingling with the wrong community all these years!

      Great concept, and keep the music going :)