Stolen Creep

Marie Borg Alden, Katryna Storace, Rebecca

When Marie Borg Alden And Rebecca Theuma, twelve-year-old schoolgirl friends, got together to form a band they were only messing about. Initially, at least. Little did they think that in a few year’s time they’d meet up with the third band member – Katryna Storace – to start making some serious music under the name Stolen Creep.

“When Rebecca and I got together at school we didn’t even really know how to play our instruments. We took some lessons, started writing our own stuff and things sort of evolved from there,” Marie remembers.

Many styles and lineups later, Stolen Creep was officially born about a year ago. And now, the first EP is set to be launched at V-Gen on Sunday March 18. My curiosity gets the better of me: why Stolen Creep?

“It’s just two random words joined together… there is no story, promise,” Marie says.

I ask the trio to describe their style. Marie cheekily gives me a “moody and awesome”, followed by Rebecca’s “stuff that sounds good to us”. Katryna adds that it’s also “very personal”.

Since the three first together it was at first a bit of a struggle to find a sound that suited them. Once this was sorted, equipment was duly updated and work started on a bunch of new songs.

“Marie and I spent a lot of time working through each song in its primary phase, working mostly on acoustic guitars. We then took the songs to our practice space and added the drums and guitar effects we wanted. It was a lot of trial and error, writing and rewriting. Eventually, with the help of our producer David Vella (of Temple Studios), we settled on the five songs we really wanted to record. We spent five days at Temple Studios in September, recording the songs. That is a process we all love. It was very collaborative and we really enjoyed discussing each song and pushing things in the direction we really wished to. David is a lot of fun to work with – you learn a lot from being in the studio,” Rebecca reminisces.

Katryna adds that the EP did involve a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice – but it was also an extremely rewarding process.

“I think we all feel that, although we’re proud of our work, there’s lots more we wish to do. The songs never sound the same as they do in your head, once they’re recorded. It takes getting used to. I think we’re a lot better equipped now, having experienced the process in full, to make the music we really wish to. So I guess we’re all looking forward to the next time…”

Stolen Creep will be launching their debut E.P. at V-Gen on Sunday March 18. Alex Alden and Hey Sus will be supporting. Tickets available at the door, for more information see the events page on Facebook.




Marie Borg Alden on guitar and vocals

First CD ever bought: Blink 182 – Blink 182.

Top three albums Radiohead – In Rainbows; Sigur Ros – (); Nirvana – In Utero. They all changed my life!

Butterflies before performing:  Always.

Wants to collaborate with: Another great Maltese band. “I really want to do this!”

Go-to music when happy: Something she doesn’t usually listen to.

And sad: Everything on her playlist.

Radio fan? Not really.

About the Maltese music scene: Needs. New. Bands.

Last good concert attended: Justice in London, earlier this month.

Wants to see live: Sigur Ros – preferably in Iceland, lying down on the grass.

Inspired by: Anything that’s worth being inspiring. There are no limitations.

Present on her MP3 player: Updated too frequently to pinpoint, but currently obsessed with The Kills and tends to prefer listening to whole albums as opposed to single songs.

About the music industry: It has opened up a lot of opportunities, you just need to be the one to make the right choices.

About a life without music: In Nietzsche’s words, a mistake.

About her favourite composition: Throw your heart to the sea, a song that took shape spontaneously and came about at just the right time both emotion-wise and EP-wise. “It’s the anchoring song to our EP. I do feel that everything we are about up until now is contained within that song.”


Katryna Storace on guitar and vocals

First CD bought: Boyzone’s Best Of album, with a voucher she received as  Christmas gift from a relative for Christmas.

Top three albums ever:  Warpaint’s The Fool – “I love everything about it: from the artwork to the lyrics to the intense guitar riffs and haunting vocals”; Bob Dylan, Blonde On Blonde – for the poetry of the lyrics; The Con by Tegan and Sara – “I listened to it on repeat for a year, and it never gets old.”

A hated song: Anything by David Guetta.

Butterflies before performing: Of the nauseating, paralysing kind.

Wants to collaborate with: YEWS (Yasmin Kuymizakis) – “I love her sound”.

Go-to music when happy: Anything with a feel-good factor, especially something she can sing along to.

And sad: Damien Rice, The National, Kings of Convenience…anything mellow, with lyrical beauty.

Radio fan? Rarely, unless  driving.

About the Maltese music scene: Three Ps: polarised, pretentious and promising.

Last good concert attended: A bunch of bands at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona last May – The National, Deerhunter, PJ Harvey, Of Montreal, Pulp and more.

Wants to see live: Arcade Fire – “they’re my current obsession. I love their energy. And also, that’s a hell of a lot of people on one stage!”

Is inspired by: The sun and the sea. And love.

On her MP3 player: Anything from The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Smiths and The Smashing Pumpkins, to recent favourites like The Kills, M83, Arcade Fire, Wild Nothing… there’s also so Philip Glass in there somewhere.

About the effect of the music industry: Music is music, whatever it is. It brings people together. I don’t believe in categories like “real” music. Categories only serve to diminish diversity and bring about a whole wave of pretentiousness, which I find goes against the whole purpose of making music, to be quite honest. Those who want to make “real” music will make it anyway – with or without the industry.

About a life without music: It would be one, long, uncomfortable silence.

About the “music is not a real career” talk: Never got that: “My parents have always have always encouraged me to follow my heart and to be myself.”

About her favourite composition: Throw Your Heart to the Sea: “It’s a very, very personal song – for us all I think. It’s a simple song, with fewer words, and a darker melody. It was written at a time when, as a band, we really needed something to give us faith in the music we were making. It sort came out of nowhere and really gelled us together. While recording it, it really set the mood for the entire EP. I cannot escape the murky, melancholic place it takes me to whenever we play it.


Rebecca Theuma on drums

First CD bought: Nirvana, In Utero

Top three albums ever: Tegan and Sara’s  The Con or Sainthood, Warpaint’s The Fool and can’t make up her mind between Radiohead’s In Rainbows or Nirvana’s In Utero.

A hated song: Guns ‘n’ Roses – Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Butterflies before performing: More like enraged hornets.

Would like to collaborate with: Thom Yorke, a “genius”.

Go-to music when happy: Noah & The Whale, The Drums, Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines, The Naked and Famous, Girls.

And sad: Would rather be with her own thoughts, but maybe Tegan and Sara and Warpaint always help.

About the Maltese music scene: Short-sighted, promising, and unappreciated.

Last good concert attended: Warpaint in Edinburgh.

Finds inspiration in: Love: falling into it and out of it… and growing up. The human condition.

About a life without music: Not worth living, confusing, lonely.

About her favourite composition: Throw Your Heart to the Sea. “It’s the closest to the style I want to play…and also because of the memories associated with it.”


This post was published on the TV Guide (The Times of Malta).