One not to miss: Aes Dana & Cygna in a “silent” concert at Hagar Qim


Mario Sammut, aka Cygna


Everytime I visit one of Malta’s temples (I do like to pretend I’m a tourist on a semi-regular basis – I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy our island’s best sites just ‘cos I’m a local) I have tried to imagine what it would feel like to attend a concert in these surroundings. Usually the music I imagine tends to be something on the lines of Godspeed or Sigur Ros. Of course, the thought of the sound pollution affecting the surrounding environment is unlikely to make this possible.

And yet. Someone decided to turn these imaginings of mine into reality, not with the participation of the bands above but with two artistes that should also create a deep and memorable experience for those who attend: our very own Cygna (Mario Sammut) and French electronic sound engineer Aes Dana. What’s more, the concert will be a sonar, silent experience, with every member of the audience enjoying his own private moment through the use of headphones.

The people who have made this possible are The Rubberbodies Collective (also behind the recent Penelope dance production). This event, which they have christened  Oracle is  described as a sound-art project that uses cutting-edge technology to link history with modern-day.

Cygna and Aes Dana have during these past months investigated prehistoric sites, shaping their ideas and compositions, in order to develop a 10 minute sonar piece. The climax of this project will happen at the Ħaġar Qim temples on Friday March 23, when HeritageMalta will be hosting the 90 minute performance featuring a performance by Cygna and Aes Dana  to an audience that is expected to number about 250.

French sound engineer Aes Dana

Aes Dana

Oracle is supported by Studio Seven, Farsons Direct and Ultimae Records and will take place as follows on Friday 23rd March:

18.30 – 20.00  Entrance at reception desk at Ħaġar Qim Visitor Centre, drinks.

Until 19.00 – The visitor centre will be open to audience members.

19.00 – 19.30 The audience is invited inside the audio visual hall for a short speech by Dr Michael Zammit, followed by ‘The Architecture of the Sacred’ an 11 minute documentary by Dr Michael Zammit.

19.20- Audience makes its way to the Ħaġar Qim Temple gates,  along the pathway through the Temples to the performance area.

19.30 – The 90-minute (no intermission) concert starts with a 40 minute performance by Cygna, followed by a 40 minute performance by Aes Dana. The two artistes will close off with a 10 minute piece together.

Tickets are priced at €25 and are available from all Heritage Malta sites, museums and online. For further information email, call on 99602888 or visit