Treating voters like morons

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Now that the whole (futile, if you ask me) exercise of electing local council reps is over, allow me to bore you some more about the subject. Then we can consign it back to the depths of our subconscious for some more months, while a bunch of quasi-public officials do their best to further bust our collective coffers.

I’ll start out by coming clean: saying that I’m not a fan of local councils is an understatement. Seriously, does our government – whoever that might be – really believe that it needs to subcontract the day-to-day administration of the affairs of less than half a million people to third parties in order to be able to function properly? If the answer to this is yes, then we really have lost all sense of perspective.

My conclusion? These elections are a waste of time, of money and of resources and only serve to give a handful of people a disproportionate ego, making them think they are actually essential to the running of the country. They are not.

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