Dog shooting: Pet owners must shoulder responsibility too

Just 'cos Rick Springfield does it, doesn't make it right.

Usually I’m the one at the front screaming abuse at anyone who dares lift a finger against an animal. This isn’t always appreciated, particularly by those who fail to see my point and who ask me why I don’t do the same with regards to violence against human beings.

The reply to that is that I do, if said humans belong to a minority or what I refer to as an ‘underdog’ class. But I don’t necessarily pick up the gauntlet on behalf of all victims of violence, for the simple reason that there is already quite enough awareness. I don’t really need to convince people that killing/beating up/torturing other humans is wrong. They know it already. And if they don’t, then their rightful place is in a rubber-padded room, as opposed to on this website.

Today, after I read all about this, I’m going to place myself on the other side of the fence. I’m not saying that random shooting at animals is the right thing to do, far from it, but the owners of the dog at least, would have avoided a lot of pain for their four-legged friend if they’d been more responsible pet owners. They too must shoulder a portion of the blame – and this is coming from a totally committed dog lover.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I see dog owners doing the following:

Allowing their unleashed dog to roam unaccompanied on the street

Allowing their unleashed dog to approach strangers, including children, in the street

Allowing their unleashed dog to approach other leashed dogs without checking that both dogs are ok with each other

All the above are potentially disastrous situations. And if things go wrong, it’s usually the pet that ends up suffering. Again, I’m not saying that shooting at someone else’s pet just ‘cos it finds its way in your property is the right thing to do.  But surely avoiding the situation in the first place is much better?




  1. Adam Brimmer says:

    Agreed, though admittedly I would like it if parents would leash their hyperactive screaming children in public spaces too.

    • Well yes, that would be rather awesome. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon…

    • Alex Azzopardi says:

      Must agree with Adam here, how often do we see (hear) spoiled little brats screaming their lungs, stomping their feet and sometimes even hitting their parents because mommy did not want to but this or that…I may be an anti social but that gets on my nerves. I’d rather have an unleashed pooch approaching me in silence and wagging it’s tail any day. I agree with your point though some owners who know their dogs to be somewhat unpredictable should take precautions.

  2. Kenneth Cassar says:

    True, but then again, if it was a child killing the birds, and the birds’ owner shot the child, would one still blame the parents?

    The reason – and I suspect the only reason – why both shootings took place, is because too many people still “reason” that “they are just animals”.

    • TBH, more than blaming the owners I feel that if people really love their pets it pays them to exercise a bit more caution. My dog was on the large side, for example, and people would always be scared of her even though she wouldn’t harm anyone. But I was always scared stiff that if I don’t keep my eyes open esp if she walked up to a stranger I’d find some bastard who’d kick her/hurt her and then use the excuse that she was not on the leash…so many people are just waiting for an excuse to hurt animals and I really don’t like to give them one!

      • Kenneth Cassar says:

        True, again. It is many times uncaring owners who put their pets in that dangerous situation. Same goes with some parents and their children. There’s only one thing that can make things better…education. And in your own way, you’re doing your part, and I applaud you for that.

        • Alex Azzopardi says:

          I disagree with sorry, it is not education that will make these children grow as men and women but discipline and respect.

  3. If I had a gun, I would shoot at dogs too.