Nostalgia: Malta footage from the 1950s

This was a rather intriguing find on Youtube and well-worth the 8 minute length. Check out footage of Valletta in the days when 3 cars on the road mean that it’s uber-busy!!  Republic Street is totally unrecognisable, though I was astounded to see that the Wembley Stores shop-window is still pretty much the same.

As for those who enjoy the Jazz Festival at Ta’ Liesse: that part of the harbour is shown in the video… it’s just that there’s no road! I didn’t recognise it immediately, see if you do.

The most fascinating part of the footage by far, however, is that showing Strait Street in its heyday. Enjoy! You can visit the channel of the Youtube user who uploaded the video by clicking here. For more nostalgia posts see here and here.





  1. Tim says:

    Pity the video is just one breach of intellectual property rights, from beginning to end.

    • Tim says:

      The second video, that is.

      • ramonadepares says:


        • Tim says:

          Well, the photos are mostly taken from books. Scanned photos. It’s like getting a novel and scanning it’s pages one by one….

          • To be honest if the video had included a credit to the book I’d have said it’s fair use. The pix are very small and part of a video so it doesn’t compete with the real book. But since there’s no credit I see your point…