…and we’re live (again)


I finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade this site. After much blood, sweat and tears (well not mine, but my BFF/slash I.T guru’s, you know who you are) the new design is up and running.

There are still some glitches (eg – the old video links don’t work) but hopefully I’ll sort those out when I get some time. I’m also not entirely sure whether those of you who have subscribed need to do so again.

In the meantime, please do have a look and let me know your feedback. Suggestions – both for content and for design – are welcome! Thanks for following 😀

PS – I promise this is the first and the last you get a mushy picture with an even mushier tagline and it’s now back to my nastier self. But I did this early morning and sadly the wit never puts in an appearance before breakfast so I picked the first image Pinterest threw at me…



  1. tita buds says:

    Whoa! So this is why yesterday, I kept clicking on this post from my rss feed and it was always ‘post not found’ (and showed your old template).
    Congratulations, Ramona, this looks good. :)

    • ramonadepares says:

      It’s turning out to be quite a pain doing the transfer! For some reason my domain transfer is not going smoothly :( But thanks I’m really excited about it :)