4 issues more pressing than the decline in religious marriages

Not your traditional family. But definitely a family.

One of my rants on The Times from last week was related to the way that our parliamentary Family Committee seemed to be devoting its attention to issues that are purely related to religion. Such as Mons Philip Calleja’s worry that civil marriages are taking over the country.

This, instead of focusing on issues that are a lot more pressing to a secular society. If you missed the blogpost, you can read it by clicking the link below.


Many missed the point of my rant completely, so I’ll spell it out here. Our country’s official Family Committee, which is made up of MPs being paid from our tax money, serves this country ill by placing a purely academic/religious issue at the top of their list of priorities.

A decline in the number of religious marriages is certainly nowhere near the top three family related challenges that the majority of Maltese wishes said committee would sort out.

If the Family Committee really wants to help, maybe it can address some attention to the following issues:

1. The fact that it’s almost impossible to adopt locally

2. The fact that many separated fathers don’t get to spend nearly as much quality time with their children as they’d like

3. The fact that there’s still a staggering amount of house-bound women whose current lifestyle gives them little satisfaction, if at all

4. The fact that same-sex partners are not, in fact, recognised as a family

I could go on about real threats to “the family”,  but if the members of the Family Committee need me to point them out then maybe they’re on the wrong committee.



  1. markbiwwa says:

    Very well said Ramona!

  2. Andre Delicata says:

    Hear hear! I fully agree Ramona – it’s about time the real issues were tackled properly rather than skirted around.

  3. Jennie Fryland says:

    so true!