Photographic exhibition: Call Your Girlfriend

It is rather ironic that I try to convince you to get yourselves to this beautiful photographic exhibition by using my, erm, less than memorable photography. But I really enjoyed Matthew Attard Navarro’s solo exhibition so I’m trusting that if he sees this he will forgive me.

 It’s not easy to pull of an exhibition of solely male nudes without coming across as cheesy or vulgar. I felt that this photographer managed. Paradoxically, the whole collection conveys an air of surprised innocence, maybe because there is nothing coy about the models.

The artist describes the collection as a documentation of male youth.  What the viewer gets, in fact,  is insouciant and guileless beauty. Some of the works present typical Maltese surroundings as background and somehow, the landscape of a Maltese field, or even our typical rooftops, only serve to put the starkness of the models in focus.

I look forward to part two of the exhibition, which will focus on the female perspective. Call Your Girlfriend is on at St James Cavalier until Saturday March 17. It is supported by the Malta Arts Fund and curated by Lisa Gwen.




  1. KatZ says:

    I wish I could go see it

  2. SubMerge says:

    While this was a nice indeed nice, I was totally baffled as to how the exhibitor couldn’t come up with an original title. Even if the title was original (and I stress once again that it isn’t) I could have never been able to put the photographs and the title on the same level. Mr.Navarro, next time you do an exhibition like this, please hire someone (unless you can do it yourself) to come up with a brilliant, well thought, original title that will truly portray the theme of your exhibition.

  3. tita buds says:

    Me too! 😀
    Butt seriously, those are beautifully done.