Update: Times blogging & giveaway coming up…

Some news on the blogging front, people :)

As of yesterday, I am also running a regular blog on the Times of Malta website, so it’d be great if you could pop over there too. I will still be keeping this blog updated with fresh material so don’t you all go and abandon me please! The  link to my first Times of Malta blogpost is below: expect a good rant about the ridiculous stupidity shown by our island’s would-be criminal. Go on, click, make me happy :) And do feel free to rant back if you disagree.

Two parts dishonest, three parts stupid – timesofmalta.com

More news: this week I’m celebrating my six month blogoversary and once again I’m having a give-away. I know this isn’t the type of blog to usually do that but hey, those very kind people at Pharma MT have offered me a goodie blog that is CHOCABLOC with awesome make-up and beauty products from Essence, so how can I not make some of my female readers happy? Apologies to the guys, I will try get something a bit more unisex next time round – but please note that you can also score points with your gal if you take part and win. So go on.  Small teaser pic below…

I will be launching the giveaway and telling you exactly what you can put your paws on in the coming days, so keep an eye out. In the meantime you can check out Essence Malta Facebook page by clicking here. Essence’s sister brand Catrice, which is now available in Malta is also worth a look, click here. And for a great vlog about the individual products, check out Boffism here.



  1. Congratulations on the blog in The Times!

    I will abstain from the beauty products competition. I am attractive enough.

  2. Melisande Aquilina says:

    Congrats!! Will be reading you assiduously! xxx

  3. Melita Galea says:

    Thanks,for your support!xxx

  4. Alex Azzopardi says:

    nom nom…make up 😛 kudos on the ToM blog 😀

  5. James Attard says:

    ToM will be having more traffic :) Congrats btw…

  6. tita buds says:

    Great going, Ramona!
    As for the contest, I’m disqualified. Again. 😉