Brikkuni Trabokk launch: some videos

For those of you who asked for videos to accompany my review of Brikkuni’s Trabokk launch, here are the only three videos I took on the night.

The visuals are crap I’m afraid, mainly ‘cos I’m short and ‘cos I jump around too much while taking videos. The latter is also the reason why Gadazz Ġiljan and Fil-Bar ta’ Taħt il-Knisja are conspicuous by their absence. I really didn’t want to see my camera flying towards the stage. But hey, the sound below isn’t too bad.

The only full song is l-Uffiċju because it has already been released online by the band itself with its own video. The other two songs have the ending missing and if you want the real thing you can bloody well buy the CD from here.

And if you want to read another two good reviews by Michael Carabott and Mark Camilleri respectively, click here and here.