Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Time for a spot of lightheartedness without the shadow of the E word. So, this one goes out to all the Game of Thrones geeks. The same ones who are on withdrawals due to the current lack of Season 2 and the fact that – dare I say it without the risk of being subjected to a public stoning – A Dance With Dragons, George RR Matin’s newest instalment in the saga does not share the same brilliance as its predecessors. That’s what I’m informed, very reliably, by someone who lives and breathes GoT and I’m not about to quibble with that level of geekdom.

Anyway, curious as to which GoT character you are? Take a look at this quiz and after you get the result check out which character you match up to by going here I did it cos I’m a sucker for these things and I’m happy to report that I got the cool one. By which, of course, I mean Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion by far outranks everyone else in terms of wit, sense of humour, joie de vivre, cheek and fun. So yeah I’m pretty happy with my result thank you. Here is the description. Yeah, fine I’m just showing off now.

ESFP: Tyrion Lannister
This category of people is “exciting and full of fun, and their great social interest lies in stimulating those around them to take a break from work and worry, to lighten up and enjoy life… [they] are smooth, talkative, and witty; they always seem to know the latest jokes and stories, and are quick with wisecracks and wordplay–nothing is so serious or sacred that it can’t be made fun of. Performers also like to live in the fast lane…” I don’t know if Westeros has fast lanes (horse-drawn carts can’t move very quickly), but the equivalent is probably all the wine and prostitutes Tyrion is fond of.



  1. Adam Brimmer says:

    I got Twyin Lannister…

  2. melahart says:

    INFJ here – Varys “the Spider”

  3. Alex Azzopardi says:

    ESFJ: Cersei Lannister (aka Baratheon)

    This type supposedly “are the great nurturers of social institutions such as schools, churches, social clubs, and civic groups… friendly social service is a key to their nature.” Alright, nevermind. There is no one like that in Game of Thrones, so let’s just say that Cersei Lannister is what you get when you mix an ESFJ with a sociopath. She is comfortable in social situations (E), more direct than abstract in her thinking (S), driven by her love for her brother and children and hatred of others (F), and presents the image of a devoted matriarch (J). Too bad we can’t add a (B) for batshit crazy.

  4. KatZ says:

    I got Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, INTJ, :)

  5. Skyler says:

    Hey, as the creator of this quiz, just thought I’d pop by and say thanks for sharing it, and congrats on Tyrion. 😉 I’m an INTJ, Littlefinger. I’ll be sure to make an updated version of this quiz after more characters get screentime in season 2. :)

    • Tnx for dropping by, your quiz has been a massive hit in Malta :) We look forward to the update!

    • Hannah says:

      I must say that I completely disagree that Tyrion is an ESFP. I believe he is an ENTP. I think a better example of an ESFP would be Robert, Renly or Shae.

  6. lateoneonthebandwagon says:

    Apparently I’m Littlefinger. INTJs for the win!

  7. Lea says:

    Yeah, I’m INFP- Jon Snow xP Funny, he’s also my favorite character *gg*