Election watch: What would Striscia La Notizia make of our MPs?

Who ever thought following parliamentary debates could be so entertaining? In between all the yawning, the oh-so-natural banter and keeping the supply of Twistees topped up, do any of these handsomely paid people ever actually do a stroke of work in the House?

Sounds to me like there was more drama and forced smiles than there were at the Oscar nominations. My awards for the night go to…

Award for most ridiculously redundant statement
goes to Resources Minister George Pullicino for: “The sole purpose of the no-confidence motion was that the Opposition wanted to topple a government”. Like, DUH, as someone less eloquent than yours truly might say.

Close runner-up would be Education Minister Dolores Cristina, for cunningly unmasking the opposition’s less than honorable intentions: “the no-confidence motion smacks of political opportunism”. As we say where I was brought up, perspikaci t-tifla.

Show-off of the day: Parliamentary secretary Mario Galea quoting Voltaire. Seriously? Trying to go one better than Franco Debono with his book of zen are we?

Biggest wag: Another Mario Galea score I’m afraid. “Half of them were praying for an election and the other half wanted the government to stay. This anecdote shows how, in contrast to what happened in the Opposition, Nationalist MPs managed to joke between themselves even when they disagreed.”

Heard that? It was the sound of my spleen giving up and committing hara kiri by laughter.

Non sequitur of the day: definitely Franco Debono, with the hilarious “Were it not for me, the courts would still be using cassette tapes.”Cassette tapes?!? Oh I’m sorry Mr Government we can’t have that, off with your head. Also note the (non) subtle way he managed to turn the spotlight back on his “achievements”.

And the WTF award goes to….Franco Debono once again. If you manage to make sense of this statement, please do share your thoughts with me as I’m still scratching my head on this one: “I am surprised how divorce was approved in Malta. Maybe it was a message from God that his name should not be used in vain.”
Altogether now….WTF Franco, WTF.

Couple of honorary mentions for effort made:

Joseph Muscat looking bored and yawning by eight o clock
It-Twistees ta Dr Jose Herrera



  1. I think Striscia la Notizia would be a very tame, sanitised form of satire. There’s a lot better going round even in Malta.