Wanna learn Japanese? Try some boobs!

It’s Monday morning and I really am not in the mood for serious topics like the elections or the shocking hate crime that was revealed yesterday.

Luckily, the interwebz is full of happy distractions. Such as this incredibly clever lady with her weekly lessons in Japanese. I know that many of you are heavily into Japanese culture. Miss Minxy’s vids give you culture from a different perspective. Mostly involving boobs. Enjoy!

Then there is this version. It lacks the boobs (sorry) but is just as hilarious…

Oh fine. As a bonus for making it this far, here be boobs AND upskirt shots. But hey, Youtube filed this under education so don’t give me that look.



  1. Justin Camilleri says:

    I want to learn Japanese right now but I want the live version in front of me not the youtube version lol

  2. Alex Azzopardi says:

    LOL, coffee makes my ‘kuchi’ feel all warm ^_^ nice find ROFL

  3. Haha!
    I don’t want to learn Japanese, but I would appreciate if some Maltese girl could do similar videos for Malti. 😉

  4. Davinia says:

    Hahaha “spicy in my Kuchi”

    I think I love her.