Paceville revamp my foot

So we want to give Paceville a revamp huh? I confess to greeting this announcement with whoops of laughter, particularly when I read that said revamping will take the form of  resurfacing a couple of roads and adding some street furniture.

Street furniture? What Paceville needs, in order to gain even the semblance of a half-okayish place, is not a couple of potted plants and some benches, but a good purge of sights like the below.

These photos will make our Linkedin CV look ace.

The above image is doing a splendid service promoting brand Malta on Tripadvisor, by the way. Directing patrons of this ilk to a more suitable location – Gzira, perhaps? Ah no, they look pretty underage so we can’t have that can we? – would not only give the place an instant facelift but would also cost next to nothing.

A couple more quick revamp ideas: make anyone who pukes/pees in the street clean it up. At least all those police officers standing around doing nothing can make themselves useful.  This too costs nothing. On the contrary, if you also slap a fine on the morons while at it, you might even get some money out of it and use it to carry out some real embellishment works in the area. You’re welcome.

Not what the stale puke on the streets of Paceville looks like.

Another quick DIY revamp? Remove all the kindergarten facility permits. You heard me. The crowd in most of the clubs and bars looks like a gathering of pre-pubescent students. The kind of students who will eventually spend most of their working lives lying on their backs – the photos do not lie.

More suggestions: stop making Paceville pretty much the only reason foreign students enrol in language courses. They scream and they shout. They stand in the middle of the roads, blocking your way, too hungover to figure out that they look like morons about to become roadkill. They get drunk and obnoxious after one bleeding tray of shooters (because you see, in their country they’re not actually allowed to booze it up so they’re not used to it). They’re a pain to all the rest of us who have to navigate our way around them.

Please note that it’s not this sort of thing (taken from here) behind closed doors that bugs me:

So to go back to the original argument, I don’t think it’s a bit of a facelift we need to look at here. It’s a bleeding purge.



  1. Colitas says:

    Paceville has been becoming worse and worse … in the summer months its pedo land. Every time I go there, not very often mind you, I seem to notice that there’s some new ‘gentlemen’s’ club …. Are we heading towards the good old Soho ? Or a Disney land of flesh and pleasure for our teens and middle aged morons seeking to buy some good times?

  2. melahart says:

    I rarely step foot into Paceville, and that’s because I feel like a geriatric nun ( and I’m only 28). Geriatric cos everyone seems to be half my age and a nun because when comparing outfits most of the crowd have 75% less clothing than I do… humph!

  3. Great post Ramona, and this coming from a Pacevillian through and through. I am not for an authoritarian, ultra-regulated approach because entertainment is by its very nature anti-regulation. You cannot create entertainment through regulation.

    Having said that I see two early solutions to the problems of Paceville. First the basic interventions that you highlighted and that are absent. Upper St George’s Road (Spinola is not Paceville – yes those 500m make a difference) has long begged for a multi-purpose intervention centre – police, first aid and information office. Yes. Information office. A center of fun bang in the middle of Paceville – tickets to nightclubs, information about special offers and bands/djs performing in the area , where to watch your football etc. You know keep an eye on what’s happening by being part of it.

    Then get the taxis/transport people to pull their act together and finally the most difficult part – incentivise Paceville business to get out of its stupid and crass mentality of the mediocre race to the bottom. Entertainment as I said earlier does not come out of regulation. It does not obey rules. It plants itself in fertile and welcoming soil. Strictly speaking Paceville has never been anything superlative (although we have all had our great nights out there) but it has to fight hard against the possibility of becoming once again a synonym for the doorstep to hell as it was in the early nineties.

  4. John Paul Cordina says:

    Lived there as a kid, enjoyed living there, probably wouldn’t mind returning, but I’d say it’s far too late to revamp Paceville properly because it’s become too crowded.

    There’s far too many apartments and other buildings now, and not enough space around them. Moreover, the largest open space and the perfect counterpoint to Paceville’s chaos that used to be there – the rocky beach – has been irreversibly ruined, and any space which can be built up is.

    Fully agree with your arguments Ramona, but turning Paceville into a 24-hour hub (as the authorities hope) will be difficult when the area is increasingly becoming slum-like in its appearance.

  5. You might attempt to caramelize shit and scrub it clean, but at the end of the day, when you smell that, it’s still shit.

    Paceville’s a tad in need of diversifying its routine, isn’t it. However, the same annoying commercial music will still be played in all of the seedy clubs (thanks to skantily-clad, skanky-looking local ladies), and when it’s all over, people are still going to be puking in all those beautiful flower pots a ‘new and improved’ government might decide to plant in the streets.

    I have two simple and straight-forward suggestions toward the ameliorating of this place. Do away with the bully bouncers (they’re really there because no one else will hire ex-convicts), replace them with decent, professional security and a pay-on-entering fee :D. This will enable the people who are eager for the clubs’ custom to get in, leaving genuine trouble-makers out, and crying to mummy. It will also prevent nasty beatings and deaths by bouncers. Remember all that innocent blood shed, Ministers?

    Do away with the greasy bottle shops in the surrounding areas!! They are the primary cause for excessive boozing (and puking), unsightly fist-fights, and fatal accidents. And this time, make sure these bottle shop laws are respected (ie: that they don’t sell alcohol past the hour of nine). Like you had said you would. Yes, let’s keep it clean!

    Or in other words…let’s just do what we said we would do years back when there was that one fatal accident that marked the death of an unfortunate teenager and outraged parents…remember that one too, Ministers? So…benches? Flower pots? More fountains to pee in? Instead of revamping and beautifying, let’s make an effort to keep the area clean and safe from fatalities why don’t we. The acronym ‘K.I.S.S’ has a nice ring to it.

  6. I know why Paceville is not on my list of places to visit while in Malta.

  7. Nicole Farrugia says:

    Hi there…this article is very inappropriate as you have used pictures from my personal social networking account. I’d appreciate it if you take that picture down before i make a report. The reason i have my middle fingers up is because my camera was taken from my hand by a random tourist trying to take a photo of me. There is no need to also label the picture as “Hamalla-pv-from-myspace.jpg” I am clearly not a hamalla..but someone having a good time who is also a tourist from Canada. Now that we have the story straight, please take my picture down. thanks.

  8. Carmen Azzopardi says:

    The fact that you posted a picture of my best friend on your blog without her permission is unacceptable. Take it down. Thanks.

    • Note to both Nicole and Carmen – the photo you refer to was uploaded on a public website, making it perfectly acceptable for anyone to use and link to it. I removed the photo out of my own good will, as after sharing it with the world you are now clearly embarrassed by it. But maybe you would do well to remember that once you post something online on a public setting you lose all rights and control over it.


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