Election watch: So has Franco Debono’s government role been officially terminated?

A heads-up from a friend of mine revealed the above: the gremlins seem to have been at work on Franco Debono’s official details on the DOI webpage. What happened to his official contact details? You know, the ones the public have right of access to.  Questions that spring to mind:

Is Franco Debono’s  @gov.mt email address still functional?

If not, what is the reason? Does this mean his official role has been officially terminated?

If it has indeed been terminated, shouldn’t the electorate be informed?

Or has the removal/disactivation of the official email address been carried out at Debono’s request?

If the latter is the case, isn’t it a tad irresponsible on Dr Debono’s part to first stir up the pot and then refuse to tend to it? Surely the least the gentleman can do is acknowledge and reply to the electorate’s queries.

The curiosity, it kills me.



  1. “If it has indeed been terminated, shouldn’t the electorate be informed?”

    I hope the electorate isn’t too bothered by the missing email address. If it is there’s always http://www.francodebono.info