Election watch: Qed naqgħu għan-nejk bl’ikrah

Forgive me. Such an unrefined intro is hardly my usual way of doing things. But seriously, is there any other way to put it?

I’m talking about the current political impasse, of course.

We keep spouting theories about who is at fault.

We keep pointing fingers – PL fingers tend to point towards Gonzi, PN fingers blame Franco Debono. Which is all to be expected, of course. But now that fingers have been pointed, memes passed around and Facebook groups created … isn’t it time to see our way towards a flipping solution before we become the clowns of Europe?

Oh wait. This has probably already happened right? It started when one rogue MP kicked off a series of ludicrous demands on the government. It continued when government was seemingly happy to play puppet to these demands.

Things started verging on the surreal when the rogue MP refused to make up his mind about the precise nature of his demands. Was it all about the division of a ministerial portfolio? About the resignation of Austin Gatt? About becoming the youngest minister? Franco, you tell us.

But as a nation we lost all hope of coming out of this with our dignity intact a couple of hours ago, when the speaker refused to reconvene parliament earlier than scheduled because – wait for it – there were only a few days left till the end of the holidays anyway.

Granted, it’s unlikely that the reason behind the refusal to reconvene early was actually because our MPs can’t be bothered to get off their butts while on holiday. It is more likely that the decision was taken from a purely logistical and practical point of view. Unfortunately, this is not how the decision will be perceived – and anyone with an iota of common sense will see this.

We’ve already made the international headlines for all the wrong reasons for the umpteenth time this year. Can you imagine the amount of sniggering that is probably taking place amongst the foreign media who are trying to follow the Maltese “situation”. I can just hear the conversation.

“Hey, did anything come out of that little coup being planned in Malta?”

“Nah, not really.”

“What? They finally convinced that Debono to see reason?”

“Uh not exactly. Seems like they decided to deal with it after the Christmas holidays.”

Jesus wept.



  1. Alex Azzopardi says:

    Elections were on our doorstep anyway…this is just an elaborate plot by no other than the ‘Iron Lady’ (yes she schemes things up and pulls the strings from our sister island 😛 ) to infiltrate Mr. Debono in the PL ranks for a repeat of the 1998 political debacle and get the current Govt. back on track in a couple of years with the obvious loss of face of the PL and all the flak that comes with it.
    LOL did I just come up with that? :)

  2. William Calleja says:

    Franco Debono’s first original request, the splitting of the ministries, was sound in principle and was never a ludicrous demand. By and large all MPs should push their respective parties to make such reforms.