So we’re not good enough for the Sicilian loser…


The last thing I ever thought I’d upload here is a football related post. I’m not into football at all. And by that, I mean that I’m lucky if I get it right when trying to distinguish between a football and a basketball.

The second least likely post to be found here is a patriotic one. Not because I don’t love Malta. I do. But because I don’t belong to that gushing “we are all so wonderful” camp, as can be seen from this post and this.

However I have a serious revulsion towards wannabes, towards self-entitled bullies who think nothing of tarnishing a country’s image to serve their own ends. Losers such as Pietro Lo Monaco or whatever his name is.

So don’t think of this as a football post, or even a patriotic one. Think of it as my way of telling Lo Monaco what we think of losers who run a tinpot team that made it to Serie A more through luck than talent (at least that’s what my footie obsessed friends tell me) and who suffer from the sort of delusions of grandeur that make them imagine the whole world is there to wait on them hand and foot.

We don’t like losers who lack basic manners and who think that calling a press conference to heap public ridicule on the hospitality of the country that’s hosting them is acceptable behaviour.

We don’t like losers who have a disproportionate sense of importance that makes them the butt of jokes wherever they go.

We don’t like losers who treat people like crap, especially losers who are given an eight month suspended sentence for discriminating against sections of the media who have the balls to write it like it is.

We don’t like losers who sing their own praises to the public, even after the team they run gets its butt royally kicked.

We don’t like losers whose name is greeted with much rolling of the eyes even by their own peers in their own country.

We don’t like losers who try to divert the attention from their own fuck ups by resigning in a huff.

And we will be happy if such losers don’t darken our doorstep again, thank you very much.

So this paragon of refinement, who probably can’t tell a good wine from horse piss, thinks the hospitality of one of our best hotels is not good enough for the likes of him, huh? The management of the hotel in question were professional enough to simply rebut the allegations and leave it at that, refusing to indulge into the mud-slinging contest that our Sicilian lord is probably used to, creating the controversy that seems to follow him around wherever he goes.

Me, I have no such qualms and will be happy to tell him where he can stick his complaints. Let’s make it clear that raising genuine, well-founded complaints is perfectly acceptable. Calling a press conference with the simple aim of raising your own profile while being rude to your hosts, is not. Calling a press conference is not the way to go when you have a genuine complaint. FFS what do you think you are, you lot, that you imagine the whole world is interested in your petty gripes?

I can only imagine what a nightmare Lo Monaco and people of his ilk are, if you’re the poor sod who has to serve them. Probably – and I hasten to add that this is but pure conjecture on my part – the sort who will run a massive bar tab, get involved in some totally vulgar WAGS scenario and annoy all the other guests. So I’m sure hotel personnel breathed a massive sigh of relief when the team decided to get their butts back to Sicily.

We are happy to see the back of you.

Of course, news of the “sub-standard hospitality” offered by Malta is all over the Italian news and Internet portals. Not that anyone seems to be taking it seriously. They know exactly what kind of loser Lo Monaco is and they treat him as such.

And for the record – here be no connection to the hotel that was dragged into the whole farce.




  1. A famous day where Ramona Depares writes about football and digs up the history of an infamous Director general or whatever it is he does. Expect me to write about ballet next. Well done 😉

  2. Rene - Hades Events says:

    Well Lo Monaco forgot that the same hotel hosted much better teams than Catania. With all respect to Lo Monaco..usually Italian sports media quotes him when they want to joke about football. Bye bye Signor Lo Monaco…

  3. Ivan M. Dingli says:

    Nice one Ramona….. never thought I would see such posting on your website!! As for the subject at hand…. the only issue is that Lo Monaco did tarnish the hotel’s and Malta’s name in the process.

    This is comparable to that prick of Giletti when he said that the Maltese ‘sparano sui barconi’….MF… in fact within an Italian sports internet portal, there was a Sicilian ass**** who even went out of his way and mentioned this fact within his rubbish of a reply to some Maltese commenting on the Catania issue.

    Anyway, there you go, I finally gave vouch to my frustration!! 😛

  4. Ros says:

    Eh, one can only hope that whatever nonsense he spewed will be disregarded. That was the attitude I used to take with certain movie reviews written by a person on one of the local newspapers – if he said it sucked, it probably meant it was an awesome movie. Same philosophy ought to be applied to any slander this dude may have thrown about.

  5. Alex Azzopardi says:

    EEEW…who would want to see the back of him anyway 😛

    @Ros…I usually go see the movies that The Times blasts because those are the genres I usually like and most of the time, as you said, they are brilliant.

    Ram I am half expecting to see a Valletta FC related article next 😛