Starting the new year by pulling a Hemingway…


Relax, I’m not suggesting that you bring the 2012 “end of life as we know it” prophecy to an early fulfillment by offing yourself messily in the kitchen. Hemingway, as it turned out had a much better idea of what can be done in the kitchen. Or the living room, or wherever you happen to keep your booze.

If you are in a blue funk at the thought of coping with a long, family lunch while nursing the great grandmother of all hangovers, Hemingway’s particular brand of hair of the dog solution, the New Year’s Day afternoon cocktail might just be the solution. It involves absinthe and champagne…need i add more? Check it out here, courtesy of Esquire’s Matt Sullivan.

For other hangover solutions from our literary heroes, click here. My personal favorite is Zelda Fitzgerald’s. Not because I am particularly fond of the idea of a morning swim, but because I love the way it is preceded by a night on town with a hip flask concealed in my garters. If only I possessed such items.

Enjoy your new year’s day excesses and may the green fairy keep you good company.



  1. Ros says:

    In spite of not having had a drop of alcohol for over 2 years, I still want a flask to hide in my garter. I can always opt to fill it with ‘diet vodka’ 😀

  2. Alex Azzopardi says:

    I love Anthony Burgess’ drink…might even try it :)
    Hot clam juice after a binge, that sounds utterly off, hmmm coming from a guy who had 5 Mexican Whores ™ in a row…ugh.
    W.C. Fields’ (funny parents) remedy looks awesome, who would not want such a culinary experience just after binge night 😛
    Didn’t know Dorothy was a drunk and a junkie :) that explains the tapping of the feet.
    Dulcis in fundo, Dean Martin’s ‘stay drunk’ 😀
    Happy new year Ram and everyone else.