December rain (with apologies to you-know-who)

It’s so rare that we get a real, honest-to-goodness rainy day in Malta that when it happens it tends to provoke one of two opposite reactions in most Maltesers. Pure joy at the magic of it all (yes, rain can be magical) or some highly creative swearing because let’s face it, most of our plans tend to get ruined when this happens.

In this case I had a brand new toy to play with, so I chose the “pure joy” option and spent the day traipsing around Malta to experiment with the settings on said toy.

By the way, by rainy day I meant exactly that. Not a thirty minute long flash flood that leaves half the island devastated but sunny. Not a short pitter-patter that is chased away by the sun in tick. But a day full of dark, ominous clouds and continuous bursts of rain. This was such a day, although it did clear up by the evening. On the other hand, if you prefer the sunlight, you can enjoy these pix.

Mdina Glass Christmas Tree in Valletta

The pretty baubles in Valletta

View from top of Republic Street

I love standing at this particular spot in Republic Street because of the sense of depth

A stately home in Ta' Xbiex

Somehow, the old houses in Ta' Xbiex look even better in the rain.

Shot through car windscreen in the rain

And then it really started pouring...

The Grand Harbour in Malta at night

It did clear up a bit later, while walking out of Valletta

The promenade on the Sliema seafront

But clouded up again by the time I got to Sliema

A restaurant in Balluta Bay, Sliema

The tip where there's Barracuda always looks so beautiful with the waves lapping at the base



  1. Alex Azzopardi says:

    I just love days like these, it pains me that we have an 11 month summer on this island because when it rains I feel so much alive.


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