Why I’m not buying into Lana del Rey’s indie act

A whole day of Lana del Rey Facebook links and I just have to come out with it: why is everyone going bananas for the singer? Fine she’s hot, fine her videos are very well-polished, fine she has some great marketing people behind her but…that does not a true indie musician make. Apparently I’m not the only one not to be taken in, as a quick Google search revealed gazillions of sites calling del Rey out, all quoting various reasons. These are mine.

THAT intro to the Born To Die Video: tattooed guy, flowing locks and the American flag for the mother of all clichés. Seriously, if all it takes for the indie stamp to hold is to throw a couple of tats together while whining soulfully into the mike…then hand me the nearest rotten tomato and watch me jeer with the rest of the world.

THOSE lyrics: Lost but now I am found, I can see but once I was blind? Seriously? Sounds more like the intro to a Britney number than lyrics worthy of the new queen of indie. But hey maybe I’m focusing too much on Born To Die. Let’s move on to Kill Kill. Bound up the stairs, I’m in the shower, Do you know I am going to leave you? That’s like, so deep. Right.

THOSE tunes: Her songs are damned catchy. In a bad way. In the “I expect them to be on the Sunday morning Top 20” way. It’s not that I’m a pretentious pain who only likes music no-one heard about. The Beatles, The Zombies, Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Queen…I can give you any amount of evidence that this isn’t the case. But there’s a subtle difference between Rolling Stones catchy and Del Rey catchy, thank you very much.

THAT voice: It’s husky, it’s low, there’s nothing wrong with her voice I suppose. But hell it reminds me of a cross between Sarah McLaghlan and Dido. And while Sarah McLaghlan on her own is pretty fine for the rare soppy mood, Dido isn’t. Not for me, anyway. Combine the two and we’ve hit cringe-ville. Maybe I’m imagining this similarity, I don’t know…you tell me.

But, because I’m a nice girl at heart, reasons to like Lana del Rey include:

1.Those lips

2. That body

3. Those flowing locks

4. Those…umm. That’s pretty much it.

Conclusion: if you want to know what I consider real music, click here, here , here and here for some playlists…



  1. Sam Abela says:

    The song ‘Videogames’ that was used in Gossip Girl, wasn’t that bad. I haven’t heard the others (and at the moment I don’t have the time to check them out to give a good review) but I guess apart from her looks, the fact that her song was used in a series like GG and for a Chuck X Blair moment, I think it spurred her popularity too.

    • Confession time: GG is my favourite guilty pleasure :) Anything looks/sounds good if there is chuck in the picture! Ok maybe I’m slightly biased 😛

      • Sam Abela says:

        Hah I agree with you 😛 Even if sometimes the story gets lame, as long as Chuck comes around, we still end up watching GG. (Looking forward to January!! Why is it always Chuck in peril when a cliff hanger is imminent?!)

  2. Tim says:

    I tend to agree.

  3. tita buds says:

    I wanted to see/hear for myself but I only got as far as the intro (with the flag). Did the video get any better? 😉

  4. KatZ says:

    I cannot shake off the feeling that I’ve heard all of this before… cannot put a finger on it, but she’s definitely copying someone… and I do not find her that pretty.. sorry.. and the way she cringes her lips… I don’t think she’s beautiful.. she’s trying to hard and the video is copycat of madonna and many others.

  5. Jacob says:

    I totally agree with you, she just isn’t indie. She has also had loads of coverage and that makes me kind of think that she is too, I really hate this term but it is needed, ‘mainstream’ to be indie. More like pop with a bit of a twist.

  6. Pretty much agree Ram. I’ll go further by saying I’m not big on indie to begin with. The term ‘indie’ once stood proudly for independent. It has now taken on the meaning of ‘independently-cool-looking although we look and sound like every other band out there’. And indie music nowadays has turned into this ‘cutsie-wootsie-quirky-jingly’ stuff I can’t take. There are (if any) a handful of genuinely talented acts/bands I’ve listened to, that haven’t been excessively polished and touched up by too many-an- overzealous music engineer. Musicians and artists really should start creating their own music to get the feeling of what their music should and could sound like when unaffected by the abuse of the glimmering special effects. They might even learn to produce their own music themselves someday. The NME aint gonna make you into an artist, it’s just gonna tell you how to act bratty and make dumbed – down music in a uniform fashion.


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