Nil by Mouth, night one: music just got real

The ingredients were all present to make day one of the Nil By Mouth sessions one for the books. There were the right bands. There was the right crowd. And there was just enough improv and quirks to give the night that extra bit of colour, making all the difference between ‘just another gig’ and one hell of a good time.

The decision to have Stalko open the night was the right one; their particular brand of indie folk was the perfect lead-in for Lumiere and Eimog. I’ve waxed lyrical about Stalko often enough before so I won’t bore you with repetitions (though you may feel free to revisit said waxing lyrical by clicking here). I’ll admit that I tend to appreciate their music far better in a more intimate venue, but still. Stalko are always Stalko. Even when their guitar decides to go rogue, necessitating some fast thinking and the quick adoption of someone else’s guitar.
A quick dash for some fresh air and we were ready for Lumiere. One thing bothers me about these guys. Can someone remind me again why they thought it was a good idea to stop being Lumiere? The one-off reunion gig some five weeks back left everyone fuming. We all had an epic night and we wanted another one, thank you. Somehow, the guys behind Nil By Mouth talked them into yesterday’s repeat performance and we love them for it. This time round, the sound was spot on (last time there were some issues, not that this ruined the gig). Also, I particularly enjoyed the participation of Daniel Borg from Skimmed on vocals; an interesting variation on the usual Lumiere sound.
Seriously, guys, I know this isn’t what you want to hear but get back together already. Not that we don’t appreciate the other music projects you are all now involved in, but the occasional gig to look forward to would be great.
By the time Eimog came on I was practically hopping in anticipation. Since being told about their Malta gig I’ve been pretty hooked pushing up their YouTube views. Their music is “real” , for want of a better word since I’m not a professional music reviewer. As soon as they kicked off their set, I did what I usually do when I really want to immerse myself in the experience. I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me. Sure, I must have looked pretty daft standing there, almost at the very front, eyes closed, swaying to the music. Who cares? In my mind’s eye I was drifting somewhere over an open space, or maybe driving along a never-ending road with lakes and mountains for a view and not one person in sight. Yeah ok, I’m getting a touch fanciful here but their music is extremely uplifting.
Cut a long story short, it was a good, good, good music moment leading on to one amazing finale. My one regret is that I dashed off as soon as they finished and didn’t even get them to sign the CD I got (yeah I’m geeky that way). Wearing massive heels was not such a bright idea and my feet were screaming by the end. Then again I can always try corner the guys into parting with that autograph tonight during part 2 of the sessions. From the little I spoke with them they’re a great bunch. ‘Cos that’s the one big advantage to attending a festival in Malta of course, it’s easier to track down the bands and make like a stalker. I like to think of it as being friendly :p
See you at V-Gen tonight for Dolls for Idols, Areola Treat, Danjeli, Capitol K and Discopolis. Tickets at the door, more info by clicking here.

Youtube video courtesy of Ian Micallef






  1. A night that was a real worth while being there:) Hairyamp have to keep them coming…

  2. Good post there. I haven’t seen you around my blog forever! Drop by to see my latest dessert recipe. I’d love to hear from you.

  3. You weren’t the only one with your eyes closed for most of Eimog’s performance 😉

  4. In moments like this, music is the world…the rest is a distraction.


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