5 ways TV is bringing curves back

Christina Hendricks cleavage

The era of the stick-insect is happily over and voluptuousness is back. And it’s all thanks to the good, old TV set 😉

1. Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl: It’s the latest twenty-minute laugh fest to hit the airwaves. So far I’m on to the third episode and the storyline is pretty hilarious. The good news? It makes dorks looks adorable. You want even better news? At a glance, I’d say that Zooey is no size zero. Girl has hips and she knows how to use them. Girl also have boobs, legs…in short, she’s pretty real. And we’re all rooting for her because those curvy hips looks pretty awesome in the cutesy dresses she wears on set.  Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks also achieves the same result in a more sophisticated manner.

2. Reality TV is removing all the gloss: X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, America’s Funniest Home Videos…love it or hate it, reality TV is here to stay. Which means that the protagonist is not some waify fifteen year old who looks as if bread and butter never crossed her lips. It’s us (well, the UK and USA version of us). And we all know what we look like don’t we. Just look at 2009 Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle: you won’t catch her trying to fit into skinny jeans, will you? And yet, her talent made her the world’s darling. If she can do it in size 14 (or maybe 16) then hell, so can we.

3. All the small screen skinnies are bitches: well, most of them anyway.Blair Waldorf Leighton MeesterJust look at that uber-bitch from Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf. We love checking out what she’s wearing but we also love hating her. If they’re not bitches, then they’re stupid – hello Penny from Big Bang Theory. We don’t want to bitches now do we? And we certainly don’t want to be stupid either. The only way to avoid being either seems to be sporting a curve or two; ah, the sacrifices a girl has to make…

4. Skinny is reminiscent of the recession: we’ve been hearing about it non-stop. Brussels have even issued a gloomy edict about the downturn the economy’s set to take. And the 99% who are occupying any open space available have bored us to death lecturing us about being on the poverty line. Succumbing to the skinny bitch inside us might mean that we’re mistaken for a hobo; after all, not everyone knows that the carefully distressed, vintage sweater we’re wearing cost half the earth, do they. A couple of curves will quickly dissuade anyone from inviting us to the soup kitchen.

Kim Kardashian's ass5. Kim Kardashian: This one really needs no explanation. I just love to diss anything the Kardashians stand for – except the curves, of course. I love big butts and I cannot lie; it’s a damn sight easier to achieve a big butt than a pert one that shows to advantage in a micro-mini. And who’s to say that la Kardashian can get away with it but we can’t? Bring on them curves.

This post appeared on The TV Guide (The Times of Malta).

Photo attributes: Christina Hendricks by  Rach from Tadcaster, via Wikimedia Commons; Leighton Meester by David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons; Kim Kardashian by  www.lukeford.net via Wikimedia Commons.



  1. What a disgusting article. First of all, Penny from Big Bang Theory? Yeah, she’s skinny- but she also has boobs. Thus placing her in the ‘curvy’ category. Which, by your logic means that anyone with curves on TV is automatically stupid. Your logic also means that anyone with curves is associated with someone like Kim Kardashian. Does that mean that everyone with curves is a stupid, popularity-hungry ditz?

    Secondly, why do you have to put down people who don’t have these ‘curves’? Some women are naturally built that way. Some people are naturally very thin. Not everyone is genetically inclined to have ‘curves’ and huge breasts. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no need to insult people to make yourself feel better.

    There’s no ideal body type for any gender, so why do people like you keep pushing this voluptuous shit on us, and making us self-conscious? We’re either too thin, or too fat. How about we just don’t put so much emphasis on it in the first place?

  2. Ros says:

    To the person posting as Sentimental Asylum:

    To be fair, Penny may appear to have boobs… to those that have none. Also, I honestly doubt Kim Kardashian is as stupid as she is portrayed to be. It is called acting.

    After being told that the ideal woman has to be stick-thin for the last couple of decades at the very least, I don’t see how this article is pushing anything on anyone – simply pointing out the fact that having some meat on them bones can still look good – and finally the media is realising how harmful it is to portray stick figures as the ideal and opting for the real deal once more.

    On a side note – I have friends who are pretty skinny – but still have boobs. Their own a stuff, not surgically enhanced. And when I say boobs, I mean traffic-accident-inducing kind of boobs. That, does not make them curvy. Just uber-skinny with ample boobage.

    There is so much ‘awareness’ on what is healthy, on one’s BMI and all that nowadays, that your suggestion to avoid putting so much emphasis on it seems quite unrealistic.

    • Your post is so douchey and shallow, I’m just going to assume you’re a guy. And it’s never healthy to put so much emphasis on one’s body type, because that’s the sort of thing that can hugely impact a woman’s self esteem and mental health.

  3. Sorry, how awful of me to dream of a society where people don’t judge a woman by her face and body. I don’t mean to be rude, or attack anyone. I’m just passionate about this topic, because I’ve been bullied for being skinny and I witness it happening to others all the time. I’m no longer that weight, but I can remember what it was like, and it still baffles me that it’s okay to remark on a woman’s weight, regardless of which end of the scale it is.

    By all means, don’t condition women into believing they have to be a size zero, but don’t go so far as to insult women who are naturally thin, or who aren’t pear or triangle-shaped.

    • Can’t disagree with what you say there :) Skinny or curvy, it shouldn’t be important. But please do remember that this is a light-hearted post filed under Humour…so take it in the spirit it was meant to be taken in. I tend to have an irreverent outlook to everything, including myself & my own body, but certainly don’t mean to hurt anyone.

  4. http://laughingsquid.com/someone-is-wrong-on-the-internet/

    Sorry for taking it personally, but that’s how attitudes change. If people didn’t take things personally it would still be acceptable for people to call African Americans the ‘N word’ or for women to have no rights.

    • Ros says:

      You know what they say about assumptions, yes? Female here!

      I’ve been skeletal thin, overweight enough to be mistaken for a pregnant woman, and at a comfortable weight. I’ve had people attempt to bully me throughout it all. It just blew back in their faces when I shrugged it off. People’s opinions shouldn’t matter if you’re confident in your abilities. After all, opinions are like assholes – everyone has one, but some stink more than others.

      On a side note – one thing that everyone focuses on is obesity. Reading the papers, there was a huge fuss about Malta placing 1st/2nd in European statistics when it comes to overweight people. I personally would rather the media tackle other weight issues, such as anorexia. We’ve all been bombarded and know exactly what being overweight entails health-wise. Not a lot of people know that anorexia can be just as deadly. And that it also is not a phenomenon strictly limited to females either. This, I say from personal experience.