Interview: Three Stops to China

Newcomers to the local music scene, Three Stops to China have already snatched up a string of nominations at the upcoming Malta Music Awards and Bay Music Awards.  Their single, Enemy Club Song, immediately climbed up to the second place on Malta’s official charts and as we go to print it’s still hogging the spot in a highly determined manner. They’ve snapped up nominations for Best New Artist, Best Image and Best Video at this year’s Malta Music Awards and a nomination for Best Newcomers for the Bay Music Awards. Their sound can be described as grunge with a touch of punk; they are Kurt Kind (bass and main vocals), Josh Briffa (drums) and David Grech Urpani (guitar and backing vocals).

 How do you describe your music?

Loud, cynical, sarcastic…  a punch in the throat.

 Which bands/musicians influence you?

Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Blood Red Shoes and Nirvana.

 What was the first CD/cassette tape you ever bought?

Dave: Linkin Park’s Meteora, Kurt: Green Day’s Dookie, Josh: Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

 Your top three albums ever and why?

Nirvana’s In Utero; The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; Pulled Apart By Horses’ self titled debut album.

A song you hate and why?

We don’t hate, we just really dislike them. Winter Moods’ Marigold. It defines everything we dislike about the Maltese music scene.

Butterflies before performing?

Depends on who we’re playing with and for.

A singer you’d like to duet with and why?

Alex Turner.

Your go-to music when you’re happy?

Heavy loud music while shouting along to it. Stuff like Pulled Apart by Horses and Gay For Johnny Depp.

 And sad?

Grunge in general.

 Last good concert/gig you attended was?

The Areola Treat  and Cable35 live at the Beerfest 2011.

Which particular band would you like to see live and why?

Pulled Apart By Horses. We want to initiate one of the world’s biggest moshpits. Or Nirvana…only if we could.

What inspires you?

Growing up, especially in Malta.

What do we find on your MP3 player?

Muse, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Nirvana, Cable35, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Pulled Apart By Horses.

The music industry destroyed real music. True or false and why?

Not at all. It just made it harder and more interesting to find genuine music.

A life without music would be…


What do your family think about your music?

Kurt’s parents like it and think it’s genuine, Josh’s parents hate it, and Dave’s parents are big fans.

Did you ever get the “music is not a real career” talk when younger?

On a 24/7 basis.

Which of your own compositions is your favourite and why?

Kurt: Detox, because it captures both the awkward silence and the frustrated noise of the band.

Josh: Monkey Does, because it’s about the opinion of the ignorant simpleton who just wants to say something, even if he has nothing worthwhile to say.

Dave: Space Invader, because it’s energetic and all over the place in just the right dose.

 This interview was published on The TV Guide (The Times of Malta).



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