And I’ve been plagiarised …flattery?

I suppose no comment is needed really…all you need to do is look at the date below and check out the date of my post here

Update November 23:

A Facebook message to the TMID editor yielded the reply that this fell within the responsibility of the Sunday department.

An email to the TMIS editor sent yesterday yielded no reply at all.

A (polite) comment pointing out the plagiarism that was posted on the TMIS website by a friend of mine was not uploaded.

Three phone calls to get hold of the Sunday editor this morning proved fruitless & I know when I’m being palmed off.

Conclusion – Since the Independent had ample opportunities to rectify the matter and didn’t,  I’m no longer giving them benefit of the doubt. Case closed, moving on…



  1. Melisande Aquilina says:

    Meh almost word for word. >.<

  2. Tim says:

    I think you should write to the Independent. I hate sloppiness. The journalist deserves to have his ears pulled. Although, knowing the Independent……

    • Funny thing is I know both editors of the Independent to be nice chaps…I emailed Daily, who put the responsibility on to the Sunday. Fair enough, so I emailed the Sunday ed. What do you know, no reply forthcoming. The friend who came across the link actually commented about this on their website but his comment was not approved. Ah well, in reality it’s no biggie but letting this sort of thing slide – as someone strongly advocated with me on an FB group – goes against the grain.

  3. Tim says:

    Le, x’let it slide. It’s really, really stupid and really, really rude. I would accept an apologetic email and let it go, but at least an acknowledgment of the mistake is a must. But as I said, I don’t expect much better…decency is hard to come by these days.

    • TBH if they’d asked for permission I’d have said go ahead and copy. But the fact they didn’t ask was really off. And the fact they continue to ignore me is baffling. All they need to do is admit a boo-boo and the whole thing will be forgotten. I have to say I didn’t expect a section of local bloggers to root for the copycats though. That was equally baffling cos I’m old school & I believe peers should show solidarity with each other.

  4. tita buds says:

    That’s just WRONG. I’d call them out on it.

    • Ah I did Tita, both officially & across every social network site I’m on. Apparently they’re not interested in making amends, I didn’t even rate a reply to my email…And these are former colleagues and people who are my peers in the industry!