4 things you never knew were vegetables (besides pizza)

Part of your 5 a day: the cupcake tree. Image from http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com.

So the good folks at the American Congress have confirmed what spotty teenagers across the world have always known: pizza is a vegetable, and as such forms part of the daily essentials to healthy development. Like, totally dude.

This is good news for all serious foodies who have been clamouring to have this ambiguous state of affairs cleared up. Now it’s a case of waiting patiently for Congress to put right all the other food misconceptions that still linger. Because pizza is not the only vegetable that has been hard done by. Oh no, there remain countless other foodstuffs waiting for justice. Here’s 4, for starters. Maybe one of our enterprising politicos might like to take up the matter instead of droning on about the Budget?
Hamburgers – the biggest misnomer ever. Hamburgers are typically made using a chunk of dead cow. What do cows eat before being taken to that big pasture in the sky? That’s right, grass. And what is grass if not a primitive vegetable? Ergo, hamburgers are merely processed veggies.
Vodka – it’s made of grains and potatoes, for feck’s sake. What other proof do you need?
Starbucks’ Blueberry & Banana Cookie – Fine this could never make the grade as a vegetable. It’s a fruit, obviously. Duh.
Chocolate Cake – well it sure as hell ain’t meat is it? Which means it can only be a vegetable.
Add pizza to this list and you have your 5 a day. National obesity problem? What’s that?


  1. Melisande Aquilina says:

    lol! Vodka anc chocolate cake! See? I do love my veggies then! ^.^

  2. I totally luuuv this point of view!!!

  3. tita buds says:

    I read about this and went ”huh?”. Ridiculous! Oh, to add to your list: corn chips, vegetable oil, beer… 😉

  4. Nice post. When you have the time, do drop by my space. Would love to hear from you!