Blog giveaway coming up

So I just realised that the three-month blogaversary will soon hit. End of November, to be precise.

Though I started this blog to take my mind off things and to stop myself going bananas during a particularly bad time, it has now become part of my life. And judging by the stats, a decent number of you seem to enjoy following it and for that I thank you. Especially those who actually subscribed! Those who didn’t, if you follow me regularly it would make my day if you were to hit the subscribe button to the right. Thank’ee all!

Since the trial period I set myself is coming to a discreetly successful end, I have decided to continue with le blogging.  So, yay. Time to celebrate the three-month mark.

And celebrate I will, by falling prey to that time-honoured cliché. A bona-fide blog giveaway. The giveaway will be announced on Monday, so keep an eye out. All I will say for now is that those of you who enjoy good music, you are going to love it :)



  1. marijadebono says:

    I look forward to it 😉