Halloween Special II: My playlist

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware that celebrating Halloween is as clichéd as Helvetica but it sure is fun. So I’ll leave all the partypoopers (including the parish priest of Balzan) to stew in their own blood, erm, juice and do what I’ve always done. That is, have fun and do as I please. Hence the blogpost bonanza today…

It’s been a while since my last playlist but finally here we are: Halloween music could mean a number of things. From the über creepy score of Argento’s Suspiria to something more classical like Clint Mansell’s eerie adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. In my case, however, nothing beats a good dose of old-school rock, especially if you’re getting ready to go out part-ayyy. Add a touch of EBM and even some tame goth and we’re set to go. I know the purists among you won’t be too happy that I’ve mixed bands like Iron Maiden with Type O Negative and even Nick Cave…my playlist, my rules sorry! Or then again, maybe I’m not 😛

 Type O Negative – Let me Love you to Death

Nick Cave – Up Jumped The Devil

Credence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

Metallica – Enter Sandman

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Eagles of Death Metal – Speak In Tongues

Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark

Combichrist – Just Like Me

Virgin Steele – The Burning of Rome (Cry for Pompeii)

Judas Priest -Touch of Evil

For the whole playlist, click here



  1. rumpydog says:

    I know it’s corny but I like the old spooky pop songs of the 70’s. Angie Baby. Jackie Blue. Silly I know but fun just the same.

  2. Rene - Hades Events says:

    Forgot Blutengel – Vampire EBM/Goth at it s best :)


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