Music flavour of the day: The Finger

I came across this band yesterday; it’s a bit too early to make any forecasts about them but since yesterday I’ve been constantly humming the song. Though I trawled the web high and low, I only managed to find this one single and it has tickled my music bone for a variety of reasons:

1. I love vocalist Lia Siouti’s delicate, pretty voice, which is in wicked contrast to…
2. The lyrics: “Die, die motherfucker… fry, fry I turn on the power.” You’ve got to love the irony of said words uttered in a voice that is ever-so-gentle. Irony worthy of Lilly Allen, though the style and the vocals are nothing similar.
3. The sound vaguely reminds me of 90s Britpop, which with all its flaws I used to love. Still do, actually.
4. I can only too easily see myself acting silly on the dancefloor to the song.

If I had to be a pain and do the odd bit of crit, it would be the band’s chosen name, which I find a tad too “let’s rebel against the system”. I’m a bit too old to get excited about rebelling against the system. I’m okay with the system; it allows me to buy nice clothes and read good books, to enjoy a chilled lifestyle that any self-respecting rebel would sneer at and generally to have fun with my life. Sad how I didn’t even wait for my 40s to join the ranks of the happy capitalists, huh? Of course, I’m sure that teenagers across the globe, held in the grip of that delicious feeling we call angst, will disagree with me.

But more importantly than said disagreement, given that I do like the sound of this Greek quintet, who am I to quibble about their choice of name? The Finger it is. If you want to find out more about them, click here to join their Facebook page.



  1. tita buds says:

    I’m OK about the system, too 😉 but yep, this song is fairly ”catchy”, a term that I believe them angst-ridden kids would rather not be associated with, hahaha.