300 million reasons WHY

Heard and seen during yesterday’s lecture by former Saatchi & Saatchi creative director Jamie Mc Tavish: the commercial for the “impossible” WHY yacht, designed by Wally-Hermes.

Well, given the fact that the yacht actually exists, I suppose impossible is the wrong word to use. It’s certainly improbable enough, however. The brains which created what I can only call a floating mansion are a perfect illustration of those very elements that are necessary to the process of true creativity that Mc Tavish was trying to put across to his audience.

Creativity can be such an ugly and over-used word. How many times have we heard that inane label – s/he is soooo creative – applied without a second thought?And how many times has a hapless designer or writer been subjected to that famous glib statement: “I need you to do something very creative with this.”

Because of course, unless you specify it in your brief I’ll actually go out of my way to be as non-creative as possible. And equally of course, creativity is a tangible resource to be tapped at will. Dance, the puppet master decrees. And the puppet duly dances.

Only, it doesn’t quite work that way. Whether you’re designing, writing, performing or composing… creativity is something that happens when your soul is touched by what you’re doing. As opposed to when someone pulls your strings. And this is precisely what Mc Tavish managed to convey in the hour or so he had at his disposal yesterday.

PS: The yacht costs $300M. Just saying, before any of you get too excited…

Jamie Mc Tavish’s lecture was hosted by Malta Design Week.



  1. 7topics says:

    wow! just wow

  2. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    “Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’d make the pool bigger, though 😉 “creativity is something that happens when your soul is touched by what you’re doing” – agree with you completely.