Yay moment: read all about my guest-blog.

Those of you who know me personally are probably used to me whining and moaning about a number of issues related to my country, Malta. But despite the moaning, most of you also know that in reality I love the lifestyle, the people and the myriad other happy quirks that make the island what it is.

The good folks at United World Project must have sensed this love and very kindly asked me to guest-blog about it. You can read my entry by clicking here. Please do share your “I love Malta” stories with me, I’m sure readers of the United World Project blog will love to hear about them in future blogs! You can get another dose of Malta luuurve by reading my previous blog.



  1. rumpydog says:

    Wow! I am glad I found you! I have a friend in Malta at Tomasina Cat Sanctuary.

    • Small world rumpydog :) I know some of the nice ladies at Tomasina, they work wonders for the cats! I should tell you that the cats there don’t take kindly to dogs chasing them!!

  2. Yay moment indeed! That was a nice article that you wrote. How fortunate that you live in a republic that’s small enough to allow pretty much everyone to be acquaintances, and yet be part of the EU which gives you easy access to other countries to recharge.

  3. tita buds says:

    You painted a wonderful picture of Malta for us — seems like a place with big city amenities and small town values. Very well done, Ramona. :)