Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema screenshotWhile hitting the stumble button on internet (it’s called research) I came upon a highly intriguing movie/entertainment concept. Secret Cinema. Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that any event with the prefix ‘Secret’ is guaranteed to get everyone’s antennae twitching. Good thing I’m not a cat, or I’d have used up 8.5 of my 9 lives soon enough.

But back to Secret Cinema, which is getting movie buffs on in a tizz. Described as for “all that love cinema, experience and the unknown”, the website is enticingly mysterious, a black-and-white presentation that tells you precisely nothing in the most beautifully eloquent manner. Well, it is supposed to be secret after all. Stripped down to its bare essentials, this is a monthly movie club which discloses location and movie to its subscribers only at the very last minute. Ah, but it sounds a lot less poetic simply described like that. I’d rather go with the organisers’ preferred taglines; “Attention citizens, please register with the State. Tell no-one. Whisper only amongst yourselves.”

Of course it could all just be a load of hype to get people to pay good-money for crappy movies shown at an even crappier location, I thought to myself. A bit more digging revealed that I was very wrong. A couple of reviews showed the screenings to be a full-blown affair. The chosen movies are usually cult-classics that will go down well with true movie buffs, and that inspire discussion – in the past, choices have ranged from Ghostbusters to The Battle of Algiers. Clues are disseminated gradually in the days preceeding the event and the evening has been described as a totally immersive experience that includes costumes, role-play and unusual locations tailored and done-up to complement to choice of movie.

Can someone please take pity on me and come up with something similar on our island? Go on, save me the trouble of schlepping it off to London for the next movie screening in November, will you…

This post appeared on The TV Guide (The Times of Malta).



  1. Clayton Curmi says:

    Nice idea… would like to see something like that implemented in Malta!! :) Terminator 1 would be perfect in an industrial estate!