Music to wake up to – Playlist 3

Time for another playlist…my favourite kind of blog :) Last week it was music to motivate you into getting off your butt to do a workout. This week’s playlist has a totally different vibe; welcome to the songs and musicians that make it just a tad easier fo me to let go of my pillow. Which is no mean feat given I’m not exactly brimming with good cheer first thing in the morning.

But I do love waking up to good music. Everyday I bless the invention of the alarm clock that actually plays the music I choose.  It’s much nicer to wake up to something like Sigur Ross or Arcade Fire than a scary and aggressive BEEEEEEEEP.

Most people I speak to don’t really have time to listen to music in the morning: from what I gather it’s wake up, rush rush rush and get out. If I were to do that I’d be grouchy forever. I need to be eased gently into the day and I need to go through my happy routine before I’m ready to face people.

I know this will make most of you raise an eyebrow or two, but it takes me a good hour and a half before I’m set to go. It’s not that I’m particularly high-maintenance – I’m actually one of the few girls to go to work everyday without wearing a scrap of makeup.

So where does the time go? Well, stretching luxuriously in bed through the first song on the playlist is a must. So is sipping cappuccino at leisure (my coffee maker is one of my most valuable possessions), checking out my favourite news sites on Pulse, enjoying a long shower and checking Gmail, Facebook and Twitter before leaving home.

Before I know it I’m on to the last song on the playlist and ready to tackle the traffic. The below playlist obviously is only representative of the sort of tunes that will turn me on in the morning…but anything by the below artists is likely to work.

Hoppipolla, Sigur Ros: This – or something like it – make the perfect “first thing to hit your ears upon waking up” song. It’s the one I listen to in those 4 minutes when I’ve forced myself to stop snoozing the alarm but still can’t find it in myself to actually open my eyes and, you know, move. So I just press play and luxuriate for a further couple of minutes to a sound that is serene, calming but uplifting at the same time. Hopefully a good indicator of the day ahead.

Wake Up, Arcade Fire ;  It’s called Wake Up for a reason. In reality the intro is too harsh for the 2nd song on the playlist. But it puts paid to any notions of keeping my eyes closed. Then the vocals kick in and its pure harmonious bliss once again. I can go switch on the coffee-maker with a smile on my face.

Loose Lips, Kimya Dawson; By now I’m usually waiting patiently for the steamer to kick in so I can make my cappuccino. Kimya brings the following to the breakfast table: a soothing soft voice, a fun rythm that makes me move my head from side to side and amusing lyrics. A winner.

Life & Death, The Dear Hunter: There’s something about this band that makes me go all introspective. Although they’re lyrically brilliant and I can easily just listen to the band while doing nothing except focusing on the songs, the music works equally well to daydream to. And I tend to do that a lot of that first thing in the morning.

I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You, Jens Lekman; Fine, with a title like that it’s hardly the best song to kick off your day to. But the music is beautiful, his voice so amazing, the words so witty that…why the hell not? Also, with a line like “so you take up your asthma inhaler and put it against your lips” how can you not laugh? It’s hardly likely to be the desired effect Lekman was after. Oh well.

I don’t Sleep, I Dream, REM: Apart from the fact that the irony of the title isn’t lost on me, this is the bit where some semblance of energy starts seeping into my consciousness. The caffeine that by now has spread into my system also helps.

The Sporting Life, The Decemberists: It appears cutting lyrics are my morning thing. How else would you explain the fact that my favourite line in the whole song goes: “There’s my father looking on and there’s my girlfriend arm in arm…
with the captain of the other team”?  The song also comes with a jaunty beat to boot. Jaunty is good when you’re wondering what the hell to wear to the office and when you’re trying to get the hot water to do its thing fast.

Sleeping AnnaLeah, Nick Cave: I love Nick Cave under all his different guises. Whether with The Bad Seeds, Grinderman, The Birthday Party or whatever…his music pushes all the right buttons for me. But for first thing in the morning I tend to prefer his Bad Seeds works – the perfect mellow sound and the perfect sensual voice. Mmm.

Bloodbuzz Ohio, The National: It must be the deep, baritone voice that I find so soothing in the morning.  Occasionally, when I don’t feel like a random playlist on my ipod genius (another awesome invention, thank you Steve Jobs) I just put on a The National album. Probably Songs For Dirty Lovers because there isn’t one single boring song on it.

Je Veux, Zaz: Last song before I face the traffic, just for that feel-good factor!

If you’d like to find this playlist ready to listen to in the morning, just click here. What songs do YOU listen to in the morning? New ideas are always welcome!



  1. tita buds says:

    I haven’t heard of any of these so I gave them a listen — nice selection!
    I myself prefer to wake up to a fast beat outright, otherwise I would dilly-dally over my coffee, too. :)


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