Music to motivate your workouts (Playlist 2)

Now let’s be clear before my reputation as committed couch-potato is ruined forever…by the above headline I don’t mean anything too ambitious, such as going to the gym or attending fitness classes. Sure thing, the music in this playlist can also be used for such noble purposes. But not in my case.
So, by “music to motivate my workouts” what I actually mean is “music to motivate me into embarking on that 30 minute walk instead of continuing to watch True Blood re-runs”. To be fair, in happier times when said walk was accompanied by my mutt it was more like a 30 minute jog/pullingfest. My dog weighed about forty kilos and was too cute to train. Prospective pet owners, please make sure not to follow my example.
Since mutt’s passing I pretty much have to make sure that I don’t lapse into a leisurely stroll so the right music is most definitely imperative. Because I feel stupid going on walks without a four-legged creature attached to me, sometimes Surrogate Dog gets to benefit from my playlist too. Surrogate Dog is just as untrained as Original Mutt, which means that the beat of the playlist below fits pretty well with the way he paces himself. It also offers an excellent soundtrack to the drama that invariably plays itself whenever we happen to cross paths with a certain Schnauzer.
Back to the music. I don’t know if I’m the only weird one but I find that if I know the lyrics to whatever is playing on my iPod my feet tend to move faster. I also tend to sing the words out loud but that’s the passers-by’s problem, not mine. A fast and predictable beat also helps, which means that my playlist consists of the most commercial and overplayed songs of all time. Yes, I do collect tons of derision from my friends (you know who you are) due to this but hey, if it works for me…
On to my playlist, which on my iPod goes by the highly original name of “For Walking”.
Paint it Black, Rolling Stones – Start with anything too heavy and you’ll kick off your workout in a frenzy of energy, burning yourself out somewhere around the middle of the 2nd song. Start with something that doesn’t have a strong enough kick and you’ll fall into the leisurely stroll trap. Rolling Stones provide the perfect balance.
Purple Stain, Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Peppers had to be there, of course. The intro to this provides a beautiful segue from Stones. Just the right amount of oomph. From now on, you’re Rollin’ (sorry).
I Predict a Riot, Kaiser Chiefs – Besides the terribly catchy ‘dummmdummdummdummmmm’ intro riffs, I just love the lyrics to this. I mean…watching the people get lairy? You gotta love it. I didn’t even know what lairy meant before this song. So yes, this is a good one to sing along to and you won’t notice that another 3.something minutes are gone.
Start Wearing Purple, Gogol Bordello – By now you should be in true workout territory, so a bit of jogging will work well. I prefer jumping to jogging and that’s exactly what I do as soon as this comes on. It’s more fun and it burns more calories and who gives a flying duck what other people think?
Fallen Leaves, Billy Talent – Once I’m on a winning streak I like to ride it. Really, you can’t help moving super fast to this one. The Talent lies in helping you forget that your calves are probably aching by now.
Girl Anachronism, Dresden Dolls – Don’t be fooled by the slow(ish) intro to this one. Before 2 seconds have gone by you’ll be screaming at anyone who crosses your path that the “pills that you ate came a coupla years too late”.
This Fire, Franz Ferdinand – You’ve had enough anger but you still need a good beat. A beat that makes you want to dance and do little hoppity-hops to make that last part of your workout easier. This is it.
Somebody Told Me, The Killers – Oh how I loved them before the Are We Human fiasco… Never mind. All These Things That I’ve Done, from Hot Fuss, is my favourite Killers song ever. But it’s no good for a work out so I usually use this instead.
Devil, Stereophonics – By this time I’m usually starting to wind down. And I’m also thinking to myself that I have probably just burnt about a million calories and I’m oh-so-hot. A girl can dream. And if I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream that I’m the vamp in this Stereophonics video.
Angie, Rolling Stones – I really like to chill for my last 3 minutes. Something uber mellow is needed because I want to take a minute to stretch my legs gently and to congratulate myself for having gotten off the couch. And to listen to beautiful songs like this one.
If you want to listen to the whole Playlist, click here.
Footnote: Yes.  I do look just as hilarious as you were picturing while doing my “workout”.



  1. Ah, the ever crucial playlist! :) Fast and predictable beats always help me run a little faster at races. My playlist is so stuck in the 80’s (think “Suddenly Back to Me” by Rick Astley -eep!) but I love it nevertheless! :)

  2. blastedgoat says:

    Gogol and The Killers would be awesome to work out to! I saw Gogol live last summer and that song was amazing! I hated “Somebody Told Me” at first when they played it on the radio constantly like they do with everything but I got the CD and now they are one of my favorite bands and I LOVE that song, weird… I agree with you, “All These Things That I’ve Done” is just the BEST!

  3. Very very true Somebody Told Me was sooooo overplayed! I only started listening to it again when it went off the airwaves so the speak. I saw Gogol live last December and it was awesome. It was one of the best concerts I’ve even been to, they bring so much energy to the performance. And because it was the last day of their UK tour and they felt like partying…they actually added an extra 45 minutes of ‘encores’. Would love to see them again :))


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