Super hero, Super bizarre

I’m usually not one for superhero movies.
Yes, I thought we’d already established I’m not normal, right? There are three spectacular exceptions to this statement. I mean the one about superhero movies, not the one about being normal. There are no exceptions to that.
So, the exceptions: Ironman, the Christopher Nolan Batmen (Batmans?) and Kickass. Ok that probably counts as five exceptions, not three. Maths is boring, get a life.
I can add another happy exception to the list and no it’s not Captain America. That guy is so goody two shoes I was rolling my eyes while everything was being blown up around him. I mean, it takes about one.five hours into the movie for him to manage an honest to goodness kill, give or take. What sort of superhero is that.
You certainly can’t accuse The Crimson Bolt (Rainn Wilson) from Super of shying away from a kill. This is the next superhero movie to make it on my list of exceptions, in case your brain cells are on holiday. Of course, for most of you it won’t even qualify as a bonafide superhero flick, given it centers around a slob who is spectacularly dumped by his wife and who develops a religious mania about saving society from crime.
Yes, it’s a bizarre movie. I actually thought I’d be watching Super 8 but I’m happy about the mix up. The best thing that happened to this movie was definitely actress Ellen Paige, the girl from Juno who becomes Crimson Bolt’s psychotic sidekick. That maniacal laughter every time she bumps someone off for some imagined wrong doing, such as the guy she thought keyed her friend’s car, is too much fun.
There’s nothing of the goody two shoes about this movie,thank god. By the way, Super also contains one of the most disturbing and pathetic (in the sense of pathos) sex scenes ever. Yes, this superhero manages to get laid. Sort of.
Watch it and be disturbed. But you won’t regret it.
Crime. Shut up.



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